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Hideo Kojima Resigns as Mayor of Ginan Town Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

March 5, 2024 (Fire) 18:47

Hideo Kojima, the mayor of Ginan Town, Gifu Prefecture, resigned on the 5th after 99 of his words and actions were deemed to be sexual harassment.

In Japan during the Showa era, the mayor’s actions such as “head-popping” and “touching people” inside the Ginan Town government building were not as condemned as they are now.

This is news about a university acceptance party held at a prep school in March 1985. All the preparatory school students also burst out with joy with bright red faces!

“Chug drinking” involves gulping down all the alcohol while receiving shouts of “Ikki, Ikki!” from those around you. Where is the concern about acute alcohol poisoning?

(preparatory school student)
“I did it in my third year.”
“Mom and Dad, we are sorry for the inconvenience.”

A news video showing the finale of the entrance exam season, with cram school instructors joining in the excitement. This is a “unnatural landscape” from the Showa era, 39 years ago.

(preparatory school student)
“From now on, I want to do my best as a university student!”

On the other hand, this photo was taken in 1987 (Showa 62), and now it is a “Showa-era landscape that feels strange”.

People smoking cigarettes on the platforms of Nagoya Station, and even on the Shinkansen trains, can be seen everywhere. We asked people on the street about the generation gap between the elders who lived in the Showa era and the young people of the Reiwa era!

The theme is “Generational Awareness Survey ~Sexual Harassment Edition~”.

First of all, “Where do you think it is sexual harassment?”

(Female in 20s)
“Are you doing the same thing as your male peers?” I think it could be considered sexual harassment to act in a certain way only towards women.”

So, when we asked our bosses what they pay attention to on a daily basis…

(Male in 40s)
“Before I do anything, I think that it might be sexual harassment before I act.”

(Male in 40s)
“There was a tag on a female employee’s clothes, and in the past, you could have said, “The tag is on.” But since I couldn’t touch her, I said, “Okay? It’s hard to say, but the tag is on.” You have to be that careful. I felt like I was no longer allowed to do it.”

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