Hidden functions of self-service checkouts in Biedronka? It will surprise you!

In other stores, there are places with self-service checkouts. It turns out that often shopping with them is much faster. Using them is very simple and intuitive, so probably hardly anyone noticed the buttons hidden in them. Check what secrets they hide!

Hidden functions of self-service checkouts in Biedronka?

Regularly shopping at a discount store, you can see that self-service checkouts are very popular. Contrary to fears, it turns out that most people have no problems using this modern solution. However, not everyone knows that apart from scanning goods, weighing products and choosing a payment method, these cash registers have four additional functions. You can use them using the slightly hidden buttons on the device.

These buttons were not posted on the checkout for a reason. In some situations, they can make shopping easier and more efficient. So let’s know about them and use them when needed.

Self-service checkouts in Biedronka. Here are the functions of the hidden buttons

The first button (from the left) with the image of the speaker is used to increase the volume. This is a very useful feature for people with hearing difficulties. At times, device messages may be too silent. Especially in a crowded shop where we are surrounded by many other noises: conversations or sounds from the neighboring self-service checkout. Increasing the volume can make the machine easier to understand and make our purchases more efficient.



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