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France – The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, wants to become France’s next President. The 62-year-old socialist officially announced her candidacy for the presidential election in April 2022 on Sunday in Rouen, northern France.

“I want all the children of France to have the same chance that I got,” said Hildago. “I am a candidate to offer our children, all of our children, a future.” Hidalgo, daughter of a worker and a seamstress, was born in Spain. She has been the mayor of the capital since 2014.

In this post she has earned the reputation of a champion for more environmental protection. She had the bike lanes expanded and introduced Tempo 30 almost everywhere. In her speech, Hidalgo said a leitmotif of her possible term in office would be respect for the planet and human dignity. She offered teachers, nurses, police and firefighters the prospect of wage increases. She accused incumbent President Emmanuel Macron of having divided society.

In current surveys, Hidalgo has an approval rating of around eight percent. In all likelihood, the decision will only be made in a runoff election. Macron and right-wing populist Marine Le Pen are currently considered promising candidates for such a duel. From the conservative camp, the former EU chief negotiator for Brexit, Michel Barnier, among others, has expressed his interest.



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