Hiberus and Inmark will transform tourist destinations in Latin America with technology

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), based in Washington and whose social purpose is to finance feasible economic, social and institutional development projects and promote regional commercial integration in the Latin American and Caribbean area, has awarded the Spanish companies Hiberus and Cash on delivery consultancy related to the digital transformation of various tourist destinations in Latin America.

The purpose of this service will be develop a diagnosis of the level of technological maturity of each of the destinations and the design of the different action and investment plans associated with each of them.

This project international pioneer It represents a qualitative and quantitative leap for hospitality tourism in the region, which will increase its competitiveness, the ability to generate business and its socio-environmental sustainability, in the words of Victor Gorga, Director of Tourism of Inmark.

A homogeneous methodological framework and customized roadmaps will then be provided to accelerate the incorporation of technological innovations in the city of Córdoba (Argentina), Fortaleza (Brazil), Puerto Varas (Chile), District of the capital of Bogotá (Colombia), Galapagos Islands (Ecuador). ), Metropolitan District of Quito (Ecuador), Antigua Guatemala (Guatemala), Cancun (Mexico), City of Arequipa (Peru) and Montevideo (Uruguay).

This advice is part of the actions of the Future Tourism Program of the IDB funded by the General Cooperation Fund of Spain for a total amount of 1.5 million dollars and aimed at accelerating the adoption of technology in tourist destinations in Latin America.

The project, inspired by the Spanish model of Smart Tourist Destination that the State Mercantile Society for the Management of Innovation and Tourism Technologies (SEGITTUR) has been promoting for some years, will favor the promotion of a future Ibero-American Network of Smart Tourist Destinations promoted by various destinations in the Latin American region with the support of SEGITTUR itself.

Los 10 destinations selected They will receive the roadmap necessary to be able to implement the most advanced technological strategies regarding promotion, governance or sustainability in the tourism industry, according to Pedro Antón, Director of Tourism of Hiberus.

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