Hi dad, death is just not being seen

Luca Carboni cries there death of the father. The singer communicated the sad news on social media: a short post with a sentence by Fernando Pessoa, accompanied by an old photo that portrays him as a child, smiling and carefree, sitting on a lawn with mom and dad. Her mother Franca died in 2011 following a heart attack.

Luca Carboni’s farewell to his father

Luca Carboni has posted a family photo on social media. To accompany the shot, a greeting for the beloved father: “Hi Dad“. The artist then added a sentence by Fernando Pessoa: “Death is the curve of the road, dying is just not being seen”. Many gathered around the singer, submerging him with messages of condolence and expressing affection and closeness. Under the shot we read: “A big hug Luca” or again “We are close to you right now”.

Luca Carboni’s strong bond with his family

In an interview with Corriere della Sera in 2018, Luca Carboni spoke of the strong bond with his family. The singer had already lost his mother Franca, who died seven years earlier due to a heart attack. Thus, Carboni had decided to actively engage in an awareness campaign on cardiovascular disease, putting his voice at the service of this cause. On that occasion, he stated:

“Man always has a part of suffering within him. But he also has the gift of healing and the ability to enrich the people who are close to us despite our imperfection and illness. […] The bestial physique is actually the energy that we must put in place to live with happiness even if at times we have to face problems that may seem insurmountable. I wish everyone, even myself, to always find that energy and strength that we must never stop looking for within ourselves “.

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