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Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Warns Israel of Strong Response in Face of Potential Attack on Lebanon

The Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sheikh Naim Qassem, said that if Israel attacks Lebanon, the party will definitely respond to it, and if it expands the war, the party will also expand: “We are in Lebanon, like Hezbollah, do not be want a big war or an all-out war, but we will not accept that the Israelis are crossing the borders of the current conflict in the south if they take things to Al-Aqsa, we will take them to Al- Aqsa and later.

Qassem’s words came in an interview conducted by the American channel “NBC News” yesterday, Friday, when he said: “We will enter the war with force the more things escalate in the conflict process, and we are currently entering and entering strongly through the method we use in throwing large missiles such as volcanoes and explosive drones that reach e key locations for the Israelis, and choosing diamond missiles that hit behind enemy lines, so we will have daily work in the conflict, and this is what we see in the support equipment for Gaza in the current circumstances. “

He continued: “Our decision is not to wage an all-out war, and our decision is to support Gaza, and this support serves its purpose by displacing over 100,000 Israelis from the settlements and inflicting heavy losses on the Israelis, as well as attracting about a third of the Israeli army and security forces to our area and occupying them This is the level to this level that is beneficial and will achieve the goal, so we will continue in this way and we will not go to full-scale war if we are not. the Israelis decide to take the area there, then we will go to a full-scale war and we are ready for it.”

Qassem believed that it is an international responsibility to stop the war on Gaza and prevent the Israelis from committing murder,” and added: “It is the duty of the entire world to stop Israel from committing genocide and crimes requires international solidarity to prevent it from continuing its genocide.”

Regarding his speech about Iran’s response against Israel a few days ago, Qassem said: “When we want to evaluate Iran’s response to the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria, we want to see what Iran is a goal. All the Iranian officials said that we want our missiles to reach the entity.” The Israelites accomplished this. Iran didn’t want something specific that it didn’t achieve, but instead wanted the missiles to arrive, and they did, so the Iranian said it achieved its goal.

He said: “Iran speaks practically and clearly that Tehran does not want war, and it responded to the attack that targeted the embassy, ​​and the matter is over.”

He continued: “Iran does not need anyone to defend itself or to undo the injustice done to it. happens, Iran will also respond, and this clearly says They will decide what to do and how. “

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