Heungkuk Life’s twin sisters like onions… Kim Yeon-kyung Unpal, Broadcaster withdrew

Attempts to make extreme choices following dissension
Until they were exposed and unarmed and the broadcaster was expelled
Heungkuk Life Insurance is’Protection of Players’ and KOVO is’Backstage’

Jaeyoung Lee and Lee Dayoung (from left)[사진=연합뉴스 제공]

“Even black and white are coming out…”

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It’s like an onion. This is the story of the twin sisters of Heungkuk Life, a female professional volleyball team. When I take off one eyelid, a new story pops up.

Lee Da-young (25) of Heungkuk Life Insurance, who posted an apology on Instagram, a social network service (SNS), unfollowed (hangs up friends) with Kim Yeon-kyung (33), who eats rice.

This reignited the discord between the players who thought it was a extinguished ember. It means that we have returned to the origin.

The beginning was the discord between Lee Da-young and Kim Yeon-kyung. On the 7th, there was a report that “a professional volleyball player tried to make an extreme choice.” Netizens argued over this.

A real name has also been mentioned in one community. One fellow player said, “I think I made an extreme choice because of the conflict within the team,” but the club dismissed it, saying, “It was just a stomachache.”

With the team’s dismissal, I thought the situation would be quiet. However, this time, the school violence of Lee Da-young and twin sister Lee Jae-young (25) floated on the surface.

This is because a person who reportedly had suffered school violence by two players in the past made a decision to expose’Dis’ toward a senior on Lee Da-young’s SNS.

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The exposed person explained, “I am also a perpetrator of school violence. I am angry to see that posting such a post without apologizing or reflecting.”

As the phase turned around, public opinion began to invade. Accordingly, the two players admitted to school violence and posted a handwritten apology on social media. In the apology, he said, “I will show self-confidence and reflection.”

In the handwritten apology, a petition for the Blue House came up. The two players are to be’permanently expelled’.

Kim Yeon-kyung did not’unsell’ Lee Da-young[사진=김연경 인스타그램 발췌]

In addition, Dayoung Lee’Unpal’ on Kim Yeonkyung’s Instagram account. It means I’m going to hang up my friend. On the other hand, Kim Yeon-kyung has not yet’unselled’ Lee Da-young’s account.

Heungkuk Life Insurance prioritized the protection of the players over the punishment of the two players, even in the face of a dilemma. The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) made a back-up saying,’We will watch the decision of Heungkuk Life.

In an interview with Yonhap News on the 11th, an official from Heungkuk Life said, “I know well that there is a request to discipline twin sisters in connection with the school violence controversy.” Said.

He added, “We believe that disciplinary action should be taken when the player is in an acceptable mental and physical state.” It is that the protection of the player comes first over punishment.

KOVO said, “We will discuss the disciplinary action of the two players after the club’s disciplinary status and level are determined.”

On the 11th, at the Gimcheon Gymnasium located in Gimcheon, Gyeongbuk, Heungkuk Life Insurance and the Korea Expressway Corporation held the Dodram V League in the 2020-2021 season.

As a result of the match, Heungkuk Life Insurance was defeated with a set score of 0-3. It is 3 consecutive losses. Both players have left their team quarters.

Heungkuk Life Insurance coach Park Mi-hee said, “I only have to say that I’m sorry. I feel a sense of responsibility because I am a player I manage. It is a little frustrating because it affects the whole volleyball, not personal work.”

Meanwhile, the two players are also being ignored by broadcasters. TVN’You Quiz on the Block’, where the two players appeared, deleted the 51 episodes, and the E-channel’Playing Sister’ deleted the number of appearances.

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