Hessian FDP presents key program points for state elections

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The Free Democrats in the Hessian state parliament present the cornerstones of their program for the state elections. Lead candidate Stefan Naas criticizes black-green economic policy.

The Hessian FDP wants to score points in the state elections on October 8th with the topics of economy, education and freedom. “We want to get this country out of mediocrity,” said Stefan Naas, the top candidate of the Free Democrats, on Thursday at a press conference in the state parliament. The three focal points are topics “that fit in very well with the times,” emphasized Naas.

The FDP wants to strengthen Hesse as a business location, which is unsettled by recession and inflation, improve the infrastructure, including road construction, pay the higher salary level A13 for primary school teachers from 2026, lower the voting age in state elections to 16, hire 1500 police officers and downsize the Hessian state parliament, said Naas. Especially in the economy, there is a need for a state government “that is on fire”. The FDP is ready to assume government responsibility.

Hesse: FDP state party conference at the weekend

At a state party conference in Wetzlar at the weekend, the FDP wants to decide on its election program for the Hessian state elections and re-elect its state executive. Bettina Stark-Watzinger, Hessian state chairwoman and federal education minister, is again running for a two-year term.

Stark-Watzinger said on Thursday that her party was going into the election campaign with “ambitious positions”. After almost ten years of black-green state government, Hesse has sagged when it comes to innovation, education and mobility. “The sleeping car is cozy, but you don’t arrive in the sleeping car in the future,” she said.

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Hesse: The FDP does not rule out a coalition

Black-Green accused Stark-Watzinger of neglecting the infrastructure and not positioning Hessen sufficiently as a pharmaceutical location or as a seat for nuclear fusion research. With regard to possible coalition formations after the election, the state chairwoman said that the FDP does not rule out a coalition, but will fight for itself until October 8th. Regarding the current external impact of the traffic light coalition in Berlin, Stark-Watzinger said she would like content-related disputes in the cabinet to be carried out more behind closed doors.

Lead candidate Naas emphasized again that he sees himself as an alternative to the Green Economy Minister Tarek Al-Wazir. He could well imagine coalitions with the CDU or with the CDU and SPD in a so-called “Germany coalition”. However, Naas did not want to rule out an alliance option either. (Hanning Voigts)

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