Hessen has the highest corona value

HEssen reports the highest number of new corona infections since the first week of April: the Hessian health authorities passed 231 new cases on to the Robert Koch Institute, after 187 the day before. This brings Hesse to 15 percent of new infections in the federal government, although the Hessians only make up eight percent of the total population. The incidence value for the state, which indicates the new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days, is 15.5 higher than in any other state. Bavaria follows in second place with 12.8.

In the city of Offenbach, the number of new infections with the coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants has risen above the critical value of 50 within seven days. According to the Robert Koch Institute on Friday, the value as at 0.00 o’clock was 52. The city confirmed that the critical mark had been exceeded. A spokeswoman said the board of directors is currently in session on how to proceed. A press conference is planned for 3 p.m., in which the city wants to express itself.

Offenbach had already issued restrictions due to the increasing number of infections. For example, the mask requirement has been expanded, among other things, students have to wear a so-called everyday mask during lessons. In addition, barbecues and picnics have been banned in public spaces since the beginning of August in order to avoid large crowds. According to the escalation concept of the state of Hesse, a “consistent restriction concept” is planned within seven days of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. In addition, there should be close cooperation with the planning staff and the coordinating hospital in the supply area. If necessary, there may also be restrictions in mobility.

Not in the federal trend

The infection rate has thus increased further, while it has weakened in the federal government in the past few days. After 1707 new cases had been reported nationwide on Thursday, it was 1427 on Friday. However, there is also two good news from Hessen: There is officially no new corona victim. Since the RKI sees 100 more recovered people, there are now more than 23 recovered people for one death.


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