“He’s in safe hands,” EA Motive assures


With the release of the Dead Space remake and widespread critical acclaim, EA Motive is already looking to the future and gearing up for its next projects. And after the Necromorphs, the development team is waiting, it seems, none other than Iron Man.

In fact, it looks like the EA Motive-branded Iron Man game announced last September is in full production. Confirming that the authors of Dead Space Remake “take a vacationAfter the completion of game development, Electronic Arts’ internal studio clarifies that “we have a fantastic team at Motive who have started work on Iron Man and we can assure you he is in good hands».

No further details about the game have been revealed, but either way it seems pretty clear and likely that the still-enigmatic Marvel’s Iron Man will be the next game that Motive will focus its efforts on.

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