“He’s a hardworking man and I support him”

From the position of vice-president of the “Together for A8” association, Cătălin Urtoi was appointed adviser to the Minister of Transport, Sorin Grindeanu, in February this year. He stated at the time that his position is not remunerated and that his role is to keep Minister Grindeanu updated on the situation of road infrastructure in Moldova, being charged in this sense by the members of “Insieme per A8″ and ” Movimento per the development of “associations” of Moldova.

Representatives of the two associations announced on Friday that they are withdrawing their support for Cătălin Urtoi, accusing him of having ended up making propaganda for the PSD, while the A7 and A8 projects have fallen dangerously behind.

The two associations sent Minister Sorin Grindeanu a notice informing him of the fact that the mandate of Cătălin Urtoi’s representation has been revoked, accusing him of “gross slips” and “obvious propaganda” in favor of the PSD.

“During Mr. Urtoi’s mandate, the A7 (Ploieşti-Paşcani) and A8 (Ungheni-Iaşi-Târgu Mureş) projects, both important for our region, were dangerously delayed: A7 progressed in an accelerated manner, because it directly serves the interests of the Capital, while the A8 project – the most useful Highway for the development of the whole Region – proceeds with difficulty, and this gap further damages the cohesion of Moldova, while blocking our rapid communication with Transylvania and further with Europe,” is said to have been stated in a press release by the two civic associations, according to news.ro.

A third civic association of Ieși, “Moldova vrea autostrada”, called for calm and reason, stating that “the main objective of all those interested in the development of large road infrastructure in the area of ​​Moldova must remain the construction of the Tg-Mureş – Iaşi – Ungheni motorway (A8) as soon as possible”.

The leader of PSD Iaşi, Senator Maricel Popa, argues that the position of Cătălin Urtoi, adviser to the Minister of Transport, is not in danger, even if the two associations have revoked his representation mandate.

“Urtoi is not a member of the PSD, but he is a hard working man and I support him. I spoke to Minister Sorin Grindeanu today and Urtoi’s post is not in danger. Those who criticize him should first see what this does.” man, then speak. He is an appreciated man, he accurately presents the situation on the ground to the minister regarding the state of the highways,” PSD Iasi leader Senator Maricel Popa told News.ro.

Cătălin Urtoi was also a councilor when the Liberal Lucian Bode was transport minister.

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