Hertha – Schalke in the LIVE TICKER! Serdar shock at zero number

Berlin. The 20th Bundesliga matchday will be played Hertha – Schalke opened.

After the 0: 5 clap, FC Schalke 04 has to stand up again. If Hertha Schalke for fans of royal blue, there is probably one topic in the foreground: Alexander Nübel. The 23-year-old returns to the goal after his red block.

Hertha – Schalke in the live ticker

Can FC Schalke 04 keep up with the top group?

THE WEST accompanies Hertha – Schalke in the live ticker. You will find out all the important information about the Schalke guest performance in Berlin here before the kick-off. From Friday 8.30 p.m. you will not miss a highlight of the game. Have fun!


Hertha – Schalke 0: 0 (0: 0)

Gates: None



Hertha: Jarstein – Klünter, Boyata, Torunarigha, Mittelstädt – Skjelbred, Ascacibar – M. Wolf (63. Piatek), Grujic (63. Meier), Dilrosun – Lukebakio

Schalke: Nübel – Caligiuri, Kabak, Nastasic, Oczipka – Mascarell – McKennie (90th Todibo), S. Serdar (78th Schöpf) – Harit – Raman (90th + 2 Matondo), Gregoritsch


Game data:

Kicking off: Friday, January 31, 2020, 8.30 p.m.

Place: Olympic Stadium, Berlin

Referee: Sascha Stegemann


+++ Update live ticker +++


The End: We say goodbye to the opening game of the 20th Bundesliga match day. Tomorrow we will provide you with live tickers for the other games.

Conclusion: We certainly haven’t seen the most attractive Bundesliga game here tonight. In the end, both sides can be satisfied with the point win. There is not much more to say about the tired kick.

Played: The game is over.

90. + 4 min: Mittelstadt again with a great chance, but the ball rushes past the goal.

90 min: And now another Bundesliga debut: Todibo comes for McKennie.

86 min: That was close! Oczipka with a nice cross on Gregoritsch, who comes freely to the header. The pill flies just inches from the gate.

77 min: Shock for Schalke! Serdar has to go down injured. For the best scorer of the royal blues is over.

73 min: Piatek’s first attempt: his header after a corner goes just over the box

63 min: Hertha changes! Record newcomer Piatek makes his debut for the “Alte Dame”!

58 min: Boyata has already switched off and is playing too carefree back to Jarstein. Raman can catch the ball, but can’t outsmart Jarstein. Slowly the game is coming!

52 min: Good luck for Schalke! Kabak pulls Dilrosun on the jersey and the box ends in the box. But referee Stegemann saw no foul. No signal comes from the Cologne basement either.

46 min: Go on! We hope for one thing in the second half: GOALS!

Half time: Since the first half offered only a few highlights, we will deliver one for you. Schalke fans couldn’t believe their eyes in Berlin – why? You can find out HERE!

Half time: Break in the Olympic stadium.

45. + 1 min: But still a good opportunity for Schalke! McKennie pulls off, Mittelstädt falsifies the ball and gets his keeper in trouble. The following corner doesn’t bring anything.

40.Min: Controversial scene. Amine Harit goes down in the penalty area, but Stegemann’s whistle remains silent. The video referee does not intervene either – no penalty. Right decision.

35 min: Heavy food. The teams neutralize themselves. No dangerous scoring chances so far.

27.min: Now Schalke tries several times with counters, but the last pass is still too imprecise,

18.Min: The first conclusion! Raman warps from 18 meters.

17.Min: Short throw-in in statistics: So far there have been three (!) Ball contacts in the opposing penalty area throughout the game

13.Min: Short interruption: Keeper Jarstein is rattled with his teammate Boyata. It can go on for both.

10.Min: Schalke takes control, Hertha waits. Both are still very careful.

3rd minute: It is still quiet on the square, but there is a blaze in the guest block! The Ultras Gelsenkirchen have announced the motto “registered club” for the away game. In addition to theme scarves and a large banner, the S04 trailers also ignite pyrotechnics.

kick-off: The ball is rolling.

8:28 pm: The teams step onto the grass of the Olympic Stadium.

8 p.m .: It starts in half an hour!

7.43 p.m .: Ahmed Kutucu is absent from Schalke due to an adductor strain.

7:36 pm: At Hertha there is a record transfer Piatek is initially still on the bench. Klinsmann sends the same team as in the away win in Wolfsburg.

7:35 p.m .: At FC Schalke 04, Weston McKennie is back in the starting line-up for the first time after a long injury break. He replaces the sick Jonjoe Kenny. Caligiuri moves back to the defense.

7:33 p.m .: The Hertha lineup: Jarstein – Klünter, Boyata, Torunarigha, Mittelstädt – Skjelbred, Ascacibar – M. Wolf, Grujic, Dilrosun – Lukebakio

7:32 pm: And it already is! Schalke plays with the following team: Nübel – Caligiuri, Kabak, Nastasic, Oczipka – Mascarell – McKennie, S. Serdar – Harit – Raman, Gregoritsch

7:29 pm: Just under an hour before kickoff. We are eagerly awaiting the lineups.

5.42 p.m .: Hertha struck again on the transfer market. Matheus Cunha comes from RB Leipzig. However, the Brazilian is still with the U21 national team at the Olympic qualifying tournament. So he won’t matter tonight.

3:36 pm: The transfer period ends two and a half hours before kick-off (6 p.m.). Until then, the clubs in the Bundesliga can still do something. You can find all transfers on the deadline >> here <<!

Friday, January 31, 7:50 a.m .: Matchday! In just over twelve hours, Sascha Stegemann will start the game between Hertha BSC and FC Schalke 04. Can the guests do the turnaround?

10:34 p.m .: There was a secret meeting between the bosses of Schalke 04 and FC Bayern Munich last weekend. You can find out the reason >> here <<!

8.30 p.m .: The whistle blows at the Berlin Olympic Stadium in exactly 24 hours. We are curious to see how Schalke will deal with the bitter smack of the previous game day.

6.17 p.m .: In addition, the Berlin Lucas Tousart from Olympique Lyon have signed. However, it comes in summer. The move from Matheus Cunha from RB Leipzig will not be finalized by tomorrow evening.

6.15 p.m .: Hertha BSC has put a lot of money in the winter break for new players. Santiago Ascasibar is already there, Krzysztof Piatek has just come. The Polish star could even show up – all information >> here <<!

4:06 pm: Another breakdown coach Wagner must also report on Thursday. Jonjoe Kenny has to fit. You can find all information >> here <<!

15:58: A final decision has not yet been made. Nübel is “until further notice” Schalke’s number one.

15:57: The goalkeeping question at Schalke is first clarified: Alexander Nübel will guard Hertha against Hertha. Markus Schubert is suffering from patella tendon problems. “It was necessary to take him out of training. That has not been possible in the past few weeks, “said Wagner.

2.43 p.m .: The duel in the Bundesliga is a small prelude to the next cup round. Already next Tuesday royal blue will receive the kickers from the capital in the round of 16 of the DFB Cup.

2.10 p.m .: Statistics will give hope for improvement to Schalke fans. No other Bundesliga club celebrated more victories in this millennium – 21.

1:22 p.m .: It is the second away game in a row for Schalke. Last Saturday S04 received a bitter 0: 5 swatter at Bayern Munich. Hertha BSC, on the other hand, celebrated its first victory in 2020. At VfL Wolfsburg, the team of coach Jürgen Klinsmann won 2-1.

Thursday, January 30, 1:17 p.m .: Hello and welcome to our live ticker at the start of the 20th Bundesliga match day. FC Schalke 04 will be a guest at the Berlin Olympic Stadium tomorrow evening.

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