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The candidate for the presidency Hernando de Soto denied having suggested that, in an eventual government of his, immunize free to the population against coronavirus. From Huancayo, after a campaign activity, the party’s candidate Advance Country He explained that his plan to open the acquisition of the formula to the private sector does not mean a resignation from the State in this matter.

“I have never said that the State is not going to continue buying. […] What I have said is that I want communities, organizations and companies to also access”, De Soto declared at a press conference on Tuesday.

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Hours later, from Tarapoto, he added: “When the State buys now, the amount of paperwork and the way in which it divides purchases is so bad that by the time it is finally decided what purchase can be made, we are already in the hands of a monopoly supplier and the possibility of handling other offers. (…) Do not let the state have a monopoly and [hay que permitir] that citizens decide how and where they want to buy the vaccine.

On Sunday, in the program “7×7”, by Jaime Bayly, De Soto had declared the following:

“I am not going to give the vaccines. The private, community and NGO sectors will compete with each other to provide the best vaccines, as required by the people. If necessary, we are going to give them a subsidy, but we are not going to put a State, which does not know how to organize its commercial life, to distribute vaccines. I leave it to the social market economy ”.

Hernando de Soto, April 4, 2021, by Willax TV

According to the candidate at the Huancayo conference, the phrase has been distorted to affect him politically. “Everyone is going to want us to lower the tire. At this moment, we are the piñata of Peru. So don’t believe [en] headlines. We are in campaign. Peru is intelligent and will be able to decide between what are superficial attacks and what is the truth “, he emphasized.

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A proposal for the long term

In dialogue with Trade, Hernando de Soto’s advisor on health issues and the fight against the pandemic, the former Minister of Health Luis Solari, He stressed that the proposal for access to the vaccine by the private sector is only one of the components of the strategy to contain the virus. He indicated that a possible De Soto government will also apply genomic surveillance to identify mutations, complementary quarantines and control of agglomerations.

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Asked about the viability of expanding private purchases given the low world production, Solari warned that this specific measure is not intended for the immediate term.

“When we talk about a low production, we talk about today. When we talk about other particle vaccines being added to the offer, which, for me as a doctor, are the most important because they are easily adaptable to mutations, there will be greater availability from the producing countries. You don’t have to look at today, but at the future. One does not have to act reactively, but rather programmed in time ”, he expressed.

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This newspaper also asked him about the risk of a price abuse if the vaccine is opened to the market. He said that an ethics problem in the sector can be solved with a government like the one that Hernando de Soto would have.

“Obviously, [el precio] you have to agree to the cost of the vaccine. […] Currently, the manufacturers themselves [de vacunas] They also have different prices in different countries and the reasons for this are not known. (…) Now, there is a part of education that is not cognitive education, but model education. Does presidential candidate Hernando de Soto have a history of corruption? No. When there is an ethical model above, the model permeates below. When you have a strip of vermin on top, vermin behavior permeates downward. In the end, it is a people crisis. And that is why, for us, it is extremely important that we have a Peruvian but also a global candidate who runs for the presidency. Since we have tried so many formulas exclusively of national product and we see that they have not defended us, now, then, he will be a global figure and professional “Solari replied.

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The former prime minister also specified that other countries have already enabled a system of access to vaccines from the private sector: “In Indonesia the private sector is also vaccinating and in Pakistan it has already started vaccinating the private sector. In Colombia they are seeing the way in which the private sector vaccinates as well ”.

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For the specialist in Public Health and International Health, and former head of the National Institute of Health (INS), Ernest Gozzer, the scenario of a vaccination by private individuals would only be viable in about two or three years, when the pandemic has subsided a little and the production of formulas increased sufficiently.

According to Gozzer, an immediate measure that does include the private sector would be to request support with locals and personnel for vaccination at the national level. But, for the moment, the conditions for a commercialization of the formula would not be met.

“Vaccinations are provided privately in a regular circumstance. In a pandemic, this is neither advisable nor possible. The prices would be very high because the private sector would have to compete with countries that buy millions of doses and there is not enough production. Furthermore, on the public health side, vaccination has to be ensured, for now, as a collective action “he explained.

Regarding the experiences of some countries, he emphasized that the idea is not necessarily viable for all and that a majority have preferred not to apply it because it would affect immunization plans.

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“It is true that some Asian countries – such as India, Indonesia and Pakistan – have started to sell vaccines. However, in Europe, the United States and the vast majority of the world‘s countries, this is not happening, since the goals of the national vaccination plan are being put at risk. The countries that are vaccinating the highest proportion of their population are Israel, the United States, Chile … And the model they apply is one in which the State leads, organizes, and does it for free “, He said.

However, the specialist did agree that the current government has neglected some effective containment measures, such as genomic surveillance.

“Yes, genomic surveillance is needed to identify the variants that are appearing, such as that of Brazil and South Africa, and what difference they have, in addition to how that is expressed in infections. I think it’s very good that a candidate is thinking about it because it is a measure that should be applied. But, honestly, I do not understand mixing the discussion on the participation of private parties “, he claimed.


Hernando de Soto on corruption
Hernando de Soto on corruption



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