Herman De Croo greets the Ronde without a mouth mask: ‘I have a …

“Herman De Croo greets the Ronde.” It is an annual custom during the Tour of Flanders that the popular ex-politician from the Flemish Ardennes appears along the course. And this year too, our Prime Minister’s father stood along the course in his hometown of Brakel. Mother soul alone, but without a mouth mask. So the television pictures showed. “I made a mistake and will pay the fine,” Herman De Croo told the editors of The newspapaer.

The police had announced this several times in advance through all possible channels: a mouth mask was mandatory everywhere along the Tour of Flanders route 1 hour before to 1 hour after the race. “We are fining without mercy,” said Commissioner Dominique Van Den Eeckhout. ‘Anyone who does not yet know what is allowed and what is not allowed comes from Mars. The time for raising awareness is over. Everyone now knows that the governor of East Flanders announced a mouth mask obligation along the entire route. This applies from 1 hour before to 1 hour after the match. Anyone who does not wear a mouth mask or who stands together with more than four people will be unceremoniously fined 250 euros. ‘

Herman De Croo: ‘I should have known that and will pay the fine’

‘I made a mistake and indeed should have worn a mouth mask’, Herman De Croo told our editorial team. ‘It doesn’t matter whether I was all alone at home or not. There is a mouth mask obligation for everyone along the entire route of the Tour. I should have known that and will pay the fine. ‘

Governor Van Cauter: ‘It is up to the competent services to act on this’

When asked for a response, governor Carina van Cauter does not want to go into too much detail about what De Croo did. She nevertheless called on everyone to wear a mouth mask and to follow from home. It is up to the competent services to act on this. I have not seen the images, but was it on his private land or was it on a public road? I do not know. In any case, I don’t want to focus on that: I see that everyone is following the Tour from home and I also see on the TV images that people are just standing at their front door with mouth masks on. I take my hat off very deeply for that, ‘she says.

Herman De Croo’s son, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, was also at home, he said via Instagram. He also supported the children along the side of the road, but he did so according to the rules of the art. So with a mouth mask.


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