Heritage: The Minister of Cultural Affairs meets with the UNESCO office

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During a meeting between the Minister of Cultural Affairs, Hayet Guettat Guermazi, and Eric Falt, Director of the UNESCO office in Rabat, this Friday, January 27, tangible and intangible heritage was highlighted.

The two parties discussed various ongoing files, such as the inscription of the island of Djerba on the World Heritage List, subject to the evaluation of the Advisory Body on Cultural Heritage of UNESCO and pending. validation by the World Heritage Committee in September 2023 in Riyadh.

Eric Falt also highlighted the importance of submitting a new North African dossier to include the “desert castles” (Ksours) on the World Heritage List.

The Minister also mentioned the project to create a regional underwater heritage center in Mahdia, considered as the first experience of implementing the 2001 UNESCO Convention, recommending cooperation between the States Parties for the preservation of underwater heritage.

Finally, the Minister took stock of the most important files being developed for the protection of intangible heritage, such as knowledge, know-how, traditions and practices related to the palm tree, the arts of Arabic calligraphy and the “Ghbonten” folk art troupe.

Eric Falt recommended giving a place to traditional crafts in the common action agenda of the Maghreb region.


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