Here’s what the Tentrem Sleeper Bus looks like at Busworld 2022


Tentrem’s body was also present at Busworld Southeast Asia 2022’s JIExpo Kemayoran arena, Jakarta. The company from Malang, East Java, is exhibiting one of its latest products, a sleeper bus, under the name Avante H9 Priority. How are the details?

Tentrem Avante H9 Priority is a unit belonging to PO Harapan Indah of Aceh. The exterior of this bus looks festive with the combination of color and white. The wheel area is also softened with a white wheeldop (wheel cover).

Dimensionally, this bus has a length of 12,800 mm, a width of 2,500 mm, a height of 3,900 mm. The body panels are made of galvanized steel and the windshield is made of laminated glass.


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Sleeper Bus Tentrem at Busworld 2022 Photo: Luthfi Anshori /

This bus uses a premium chassis, Mercedes-Benz 0500RS 1836. On paper, this chassis is equipped with an 11,967cc, 6-cylinder in-line engine, turbocharger and intercooler. This engine can produce a maximum power of 260 kW (349 hp) at 2,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 1,600 Nm at 1,100 rpm.

This bus features a 1 + 1 configuration cabin that carries the sleeper concept. Inside there are several important services, such as an audio system, LED TV, and even wifi. This bus is also equipped with toilets.

Quiet sleeper bus at Busworld 2022Sleeper Bus Tentrem at Busworld 2022 Photo: Luthfi Anshori /

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