Here’s What Happens To Your Body If You Eat These Foods With Tea • Al Marsad Journal

Al-Marsad newspaper – agencies: Experts recommend drinking tea because it is rich in antibacterial ingredients and also helps lower both cholesterol and blood pressure.

But drinking tea healthily requires not having too much sugar, or even mixing it with milk and some sweeteners, because then it turns into a high-calorie drink.

Since many drink tea while eating foods prepared with flour, such as desserts such as cookies, experts recommend avoiding this habit, because it increases the possibility of constipation and high acidity.

It is recommended to avoid drinking tea when consuming iron-rich vegetables such as spinach and peas, because the ingredients in the tea prevent the mineral from being absorbed into the body and thus deprive it of many benefits.

Many add slices of lemon to teacups, as they like the taste, while this combination increases acidity and causes bloating.

And the fourth tip is to stay away from foods that contain a high percentage of turmeric when drinking tea, because mixing it causes disruption in the work of the digestive system.

The fifth tip is not to eat nuts when drinking tea, because a substance called “tannin” found in tea prevents the body from absorbing the beneficial nutrients it needs, according to the site “India”.

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