Here’s the soup recipe that helps you get better in the fall

In the transition from summer to autumn, it is not just the climate that changes. But also the recipes and ingredients for the dishes to bring to the table. And this especially for those who love to cook using fresh seasonal products as raw materials.

This, by the way, is also the period of soups. Hot and nutritious dishes as they are rich in fiber and vegetable proteins. Here, then, is the soup recipe that helps you feel better in the fall. And to face the autumn season really with taste.

Here’s the soup recipe that helps you get better in the fall

The autumn soup stands out for being, on the one hand, a poor dish, and, on the other, also tasty and brightly colored. To this is added, then, its pleasant warming power which many cannot do without in this period.

Let’s start, then, with the choice of vegetables, to be selected according to the season. This is the season for broccoli, but also for pumpkin, celery, spinach, potatoes, mushrooms, fennel and beets. Without forgetting turnips, leeks and dried legumes.

Therefore, there is only the embarrassment of choice to prepare an autumn soup based on fruit and vegetables. Strictly fresh in season. Obviously without forgetting that the drizzle of extra virgin olive oil is a must in the soup.

The soup, prepared with the right mix of vegetables and vegetables, it is truly a unique and exquisite dish that will look great at the table. Especially if we also added potatoes.

It is also possible to increase your calorie intake. Soaking croutons or adding the carbohydrates of spelled, rice or buckwheat.

The last point to address, but not the least important for a perfect autumn soup, concerns the choice of aromas and spices. Because in addition to the heat, color and nutritional relevance, the smell of the soup also has its importance.

Also in this case we are spoiled for choice. We can, in fact, choose between basil, mint, ginger, chives, chilli, garlic, sage, oregano and parsley. But also thyme, nutmeg, juniper, cinnamon and cloves are good for us.

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