here’s how transferring saves from PS4 will work

As you may have noticed by now, another wave of information regarding PlayStation 5 backward compatibility and what the benefits will be of playing PlayStation 4 titles on the next-gen console. Among the widespread details we also find the transfer of saves, a subject very dear to users.

Those who want to continue playing their PS4 titles on PS5 will be able to transfer their saves from one console to another without any problem and to do so they can decide which method to use. If you are a subscriber to the Playstation plus you can make the transfer via cloud, which of the methods mentioned on the official website is the fastest and which in theory does not require any extra steps if you periodically load your saves. If you are not subscribed to the Sony service or want to proceed differently, you can connect PS4 and PS5 via wi-fi The LAN cable to transfer all files from one console to another. If, on the other hand, you need to get rid of your PS4 to give it to someone or deliver it to a retailer to join some offer, you can simply use a common pen drive to save all your files, which will then be copied to the new PS5.

It should be noted that the compatibility of the saves is not guaranteed, here is what Sony announced on the official website:

“The ability to transfer game data from a PS4 version to a PS5 version of the same game depends on the developer and will vary by title for intergenerational games.”

Did you know that all Naughty Dog PS4 games will also work on PS5?

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