Here’s How to Use Reels, Instagram’s New Feature for TikTok Companions

DIY NEWSTechnology companies continue to compete to attract more and more users. Including social media companies, Instagram.

Recently Instagram released its newest feature, Reels. This feature is staying digadang to rival the company’s short video application Tiktok.

This new Instagram feature makes it easy for users to combine multiple videos with selected music. The video Reels can be recorded for up to 15 seconds and there are options to add filters and effects. Edited video results Reels This can then be shared also on the Instagram application.

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This feature is not the same as a feature Instagram Stories. By using Reels, users can edit videos using effects, speed control, zoom in and out, slow down, and even use as many clips and transitions as the Tiktok application.

Reporting from The Verge, Friday 7 August 2020, this feature is not yet available in Indonesia. But it is available in around 50 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Australia.

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How to use this application are as follows:

1. Open the Instagram camera like using the Stories feature.

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