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IOS 14 or the latest version of the iPhone operating system software will be released starting Wednesday, September 16, 2020. Every iPhone owner is advised to download it because it contains many updates. Then, how?

Quoting from Mac World, Thursday (17/9/2020) Pesticide cellphone data has been saved and free space so that it has enough storage for iOS 14.

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If you don’t have 20 GB or more of spare on your phone, delete some apps to free up space. If you don’t have enough space, iOS will also offer to temporarily delete some files.

Then plug the iPhone into the charger, because iOS 14 will not be able to be installed if the cellphone is not connected to electricity. Make sure you download via Wi-Fi, not a 3G or 4G network, as it may run out of data.

Here’s how to download and install iOS 14 on iPhone:

1. Go to Settings> General> Software Update. iOS will look for a new version; if it’s not there, the user will see the message “Your software is up to date”. Sometimes there is a slight wait for the software to become available.

2. Assuming a new version is available, tap Download & Install.

3. Enter your password when prompted, then agree to the terms and conditions if necessary.

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4. The device will download updates in the background. The user will see an indication of how long it will take. After the download is complete, a notification will be sent.

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5. Tap Details in the notification window. This will lead to Settings> General> Software Update.

6. Tap Install Now. It is estimated that this step will take some time.

7. The user can also select Later. iOS will offer updates at night, so users just need to make sure the device is plugged in.

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