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Online multiplayer battle arena (MOBA) game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will present a new assassin hero named Benedetta.

The good news is, players do not have to spend their Battle Point (BP) to buy the hero.

Benedetta will be distributed free of charge to all players. Benedetta is here as a token of gratitude from Moonton to all Mobile Legends players, who have boosted the total game downloads to reach 1 billion.

So how do you get Benedetta for free?

It turns out that the method is quite easy. Players only need to log into the game between 7 – 8 November.

After logging in on that date, players can open the mailbox (mailbox) listed in the game and immediately claim the hero Benedetta. Keep in mind that Benedetta can only be obtained in two days.

As a result, players who don’t log in between October 7 and 8 will no longer have the chance to get Benedetta for free.

If you have missed the event, players can still buy Benedetta through the Hero Shop by spending 32,000 BP.

Benedetta’s Profile and Skills

Present as a hero assassin, Benedetta is equipped with a large attack and high mobility. However, this hero lacks a low percentage of durability.

Like most Mobile Legends heroes, Benedetta comes with three active skills and one passive skill. Benedetta has a passive skill called Elapsed Daytime, which allows Benedetta to collect Sword Intent while pressing basic attacks.

When the Sword Intent is fully charged, Benedetta will launch a Swordout Slash attack in the designated direction and move forward. This attack will deal physical damage to the enemy that Benedetta passes through.

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Sword Intent can be collected by dealing damage through basic attacks and skills. The Sword Intent bar is characterized by the shape of a sword, which is located side by side with Benedetta.

Benedetta has the first skill called Shadow Slash. This skill allows Benedetta to quickly retreat and leave a shadow clone in front.

The shadow will then attack the enemy forward, giving physical damage to the enemy it hits. At the same time, Benedetta will attack forward and deal physical damage.

Benedetta’s second skill has the name An Eye for An Eye. By activating this skill, Benedetta dashed in the direction the player wanted.

As long as this skill lasts, Benedetta will be immune from all attacks and crowd control (CC) effects.

Enemies within Benedetta’s range will be exposed to physical damage and slow (slow) effects.

If Benedetta successfully dispels the CC effect for the duration of the skill, it will stun for 1.5 seconds instead of slow.

Finally, Benedetta can launch an ultimate attack called Alecto: Final Blow. Benedetta will dash forward and leave an attack trail on the path in her path.

This attack will have a slow effect on the target by 70 percent and last for 0.8 seconds. Enemies will also be hit by a Sword Intent explosion for 2.5 seconds, dealing physical damage, and slowing down the enemy by 20 percent every 0.2 seconds.

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