Here’s how to check the list of types of iPhones and Android phones that cannot use WhatsApp in 2021

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – In 2021, Share Inaccessible on some types of phones IPhone Or Android.

The reason, Share Has removed system support on some of these phones.

“Frequently Asked Questions on pagen Support page WhatsApp said there are some Android and iOS phones that will not be able to run this application in 2021, “he said. Livemint.

This year, some of the most anticipated WhatsApp app features and features have been released Dark mode feature, Missing Message Options, WhatsApp Business App Update and more.

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However, Share Always said:

For the best experience, we recommend using the software version Android Or the latest iOS and other compatible software. “

So what are the lists of phones that can no longer be used Share In 2021?

1. iPhone


-All IPhone Run iOS 8 or higher and type IPhone 4 and earlier models.

IPhone 4S


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