Here’s How to Apply the Zoom App Dark Mode Theme on Windows and Android

JAKARTA – Since its inception, for years of application Zoom does not provide an additional feature that allows you to turn it into dark mode (Dark Mode).

But that’s since March 2022, video conferencing apps allow you to set it to dark mode. When compared to its competitor Skype, this step taken by Zoom is quite late.

However, this dark mode feature remains a breakthrough for Zoom. Some people apply it because their preferences want something different. There are also others who switch to dark mode because it is more comfortable for their eyes.

Whatever the reason, if you’re interested in trying to apply Zoom’s dark mode, you can take the following steps:

On Windows or Mac OS, go to Zoom app > click the icon Your profile in the upper right corner> open Arrangement. Then, Open Theme at the bottom of the page, then dark click.

To set the Zoom back to Bright mode, follow the same steps, then click Bright next to Dark. If you change your computer’s theme frequently and want Zoom to match the theme settings, click Use System Settings.

However, if you are wondering how to apply dark mode in the Zoom app on iOS or Android, the app will automatically apply the mode according to your device’s theme settings.

Meaning, you have to set your device to dark mode first if you want Zoom set to dark theme.

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