Here’s a list of cellphones that can’t access WhatsApp from November 2021: Android and iOS

DIY NEWS – Official, here list cell phone or HP who can no longer use WhatsApp starting next month or 1 November 2021.

For users cell phone or HP which has system operation Android and iOS have to get ready. Because starting from the beginning of next month or November 2021 WhatsApp can’t be used.

Several types system operation which is inside cell phone or HP type Android and iOS will no longer be able to access the messaging app WhatsApp.

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This is in line with the wishes of messaging app companies WhatsApp which ensures need system operation that can support the running of the application, so only a few HP which can later be used.

To cell phone or HP which has system operation Android, WhatsApp confirm it will be using OS 4.0.4, while on HP or cell phone which uses iOS must be minimal iOS 10.

As for those of you who don’t know system operation used on HP your property can check first, to find out if you can’t use the application anymore.

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For users HP iPhone can do it easily through cell phone which is owned. It can be started by selecting the ‘Settings’ menu then selecting ‘General’ and finally selecting ‘About’ it will appear iOS used.

As for the users HP Android can also do it easily via cell phone it has by opening the ‘Settings’ menu and selecting the ‘About’ menu, the question information will appear system operation the.



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