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QUARANTINE REQUIREMENTS: The photo shows the Italian village of Vernazza earlier this summer. From Monday 2 August, you must be in the entry quarantine if you have been to Italy. Photo: Terje Bringedal, VG

From Monday, the updated travel map for quarantine requirements for trips abroad applies. Here you can see where you can travel quarantine-free for the week.

On Friday, the government published its assessment of which countries receive quarantine requirements for the unvaccinated.

In addition to Italy, went several Swedish regions from being green to being orange. Thus, from Monday, there is a requirement for quarantine from these areas, unless you are exempt from the quarantine requirement (see who must be quarantined in the fact box at the bottom of the case).

This is how the map will be from Monday:

The map has three different tabs: “Current now” shows what rules apply today. «Valid from 2 August» shows which rules apply from Monday. “Expected” shows what the map would look like based on information in the last 14 days, and shows a more real picture of the infection situation in the areas.

Changed colors

On Monday, there will be several changes in relation to today’s travel ready:

  • From green to orange: Iceland, Italy and San Marino
  • Turns dark red: Andorra, Corsica and South Aegean islands (Kos, Naxos, Mykonos, Rhodes etc.).
  • Turns green: Lichtenstein

There will also be changes for several regions in the Nordic region:

  • Turns green: Norrbotten (from orange to green) and Värmland (from red to green).
  • Turns orange or red: Gotland, Halland, Skåne and Stockholm in Sweden. Central Jutland in Denmark goes from orange to red (same rules apply). In Finland, Central Hämeenlinna’s SVD, Lapland’s SVD, Central Finland’s SVD, North Karelia’s SVD are now orange.

In addition, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine will be purple.

Reporting illegal crossings

The police say in a press release that they are prepared for increased traffic at the border crossings towards Sweden after the government’s changes from night to Monday.

– Have the necessary documentation ready when crossing the border. Then we get a better one
traffic flow at the border control, and the waiting time will be shorter, says police station chief in Kongsvinger, Gjermund Thoresen.

In Norway, it is not permitted to use border crossings other than those that are open. This applies regardless of which entry restrictions and quarantine requirements apply at any given time.

Police say they will report illegal border crossings and promise hefty fines for those who break the rules.

To avoid queues, the police recommend using the border crossings at other times than between 13.00-19.00.


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