“Here is who goes up and who goes down …”

Paolo Fox’s horoscope, the weekly ranking July 17-24 at Uno Weekend: «Here is who goes up and who goes down …». Today, in the summer program of Rai1, the Roman astrologer has pitted the ranking of the zodiac signs in the week that goes from July 17 to July 24. Here are the predictions of Paolo Fox.

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12 Libra

This is a time when Libra is very tense and nervous. Libras would like world peace, but these days you find yourself in the midst of controversy at home and at work.

11 Aquarius

Aquarius has changes in mind. Understanding how things will turn out in the fall can cause some chaos. In reality, Aquarius has to be a little careful in love.

10 Capricorn

The choices Capricorn must make are simple. News, who had a pending contract, problems will be able to recover.

9 Pisces

Pisces have a poisoned tooth with their beloved. If it comes to couples who have some minor problems, there will be discussions on Tuesday and Wednesday. If, on the other hand, you are dealing with someone you have recently met, you will be a little argumentative and severe in your judgments.

8 Scorpio

He has to accept a small compromise. In the last three weeks you have been against everyone and in love you have been a bit on the sidelines.

7 Sagittario

Sporty sign, you like to move. Now you have to recover, you will also recover love.

6 Leone

Get busy. There is competition going on, feelings are important.

5 Toro

The first few days of July were a bit strange for feelings. From Thursday come back sweet. You will make peace if you have had problems and also in matters of work, there will be news.

4 Gemini

Apart from Tuesdays and Wednesdays, you are doing quite well. In love you have some little doubts.

3 Aries

You have been standing for almost two years, now you want to recover everything in two days. The only doubt is the physical form.

2 Cancer

It has the ability to regenerate. From now on, I ask you to book some nice choices for autumn. You will have a magnificent 2022. Important right now, some kind of project.

1 Virgo

Assignments, news, from the 22nd it will be much better. Then with this Venus in the sign you too will give yourself to love. Saturday and Sunday beautiful days for peace.

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