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At the end of the shooting process is the film dedicated to Lyudmila Zhivkova, whose producer is Desi Tenekedzhieva, written by the writer Ivo Milev.

“I will play the main role of Ludmila. This is a miniseries that I am doing with my foreign partners. It will soon become clear when exactly it will be broadcast and where,” said actress Desi Tenekedzhieva shortly before leaving for London, where she is working on project.

Zhivkova is a woman born at an inappropriate historical time. A person who has undergone a complete spiritual transformation. A woman of fire, wind and spirit. The truth is one, but not unequivocal. We are primarily interested in the man Ludmila, not so much the political situations around her “, admitted the actress, who is adamant that she will not make sensations on the back of Lyudmila Zhivkova.

The Zhivkov family is also aware that there will be such a film, and they do not mind this fact.

“We are still working on the script, the process is not over and can continue with the second part,” Tenekedzhieva said.

The script for Ludmila’s life, approved by the Zhivkovi family, was written by the writer and curator of the National Gallery Ivo Milev. In his second revised edition of the book “The Life and Death of Lyudmila Zhivkova” he enriched the information about her, which is still unknown.

“Lyudmila Zhivkova was an extremely interesting person. She said: ‘We have taken a deeply wrong historical path to ally ourselves with the most uncivilized country in the world.'” The truth is that we know almost nothing about Lyudmila. At first I also tried to talk to her relatives, but I saw that each of them spoke selectively. In my book, I rely only on facts and documents, because what she said and wrote does not lie, “Milev said.

According to him, Todor Zhivkov’s daughter had esoteric ideas, but they were more influenced by Peter Deunov than by the Indian gurus she knew.

“He is at the heart of everything. Ludmila is the reason why I turned with interest to the age that defines our lives today – where and how we have developed. It is known that she is one of the great anti-Soviets, and with her father, By the way, in the book I share facts as proof of my words, and for Ludmila the change was possible only if the system “collapsed from within”.

“And she really does just that, that’s why I like her. She pays with her life for it and deserves a movie,” Milev said, stressing that based on the facts, people will get an idea of ​​whether she was killed or committed suicide. “You won’t learn it from me, do the analysis yourself,” says the author.

“I like Ivo Milev’s book, I think it is exactly what my mother is described. And I would be very happy to have a film about her,” said Tudor Slavkov, Ludmila Zhivkova’s son. Little Toshko still lives with the memory of his mother, as well as his father Bateto, who very soon, if he were alive, would have turned 82 years old. “I hope both of them will not be forgotten, because they have done a lot for their country,” Todor Zhivkov Jr. said today.

She last made a monograph on the Master

“Vladimir Dimitrov – The Master is connected with Lyudmila Zhivkova. Before leaving this world, she worked on a monograph dedicated to the artist. The film director Ivan Voynovski on her idea follows in the footsteps of over 200 paintings by the artist. his life, looking for the location of his valuable works and trying to collect his work under one roof in Bulgaria, but without success, “said Ivo Milev, who also curated the last exhibition dedicated to the artist, opened by President Rumen Radev and Vice President. Iliana Yotova.

“The Image of the Master” brought together cultural leaders, ministers and diplomats in “Square 500”. In parallel with the exhibition there, an exhibition “The Master” and “Native Art” was organized in the palace, both of which were dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the artist’s birth, Bulgaria Today reports.



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