Here is Mac OS 13 Ventura

After iOS 16 and Watch OS 9, it was time for a presentation of Mac OS 13 Ventura, as commonly named after a location in California.

The first news was Stage Manager, a new solution for managing open windows based on which apps you use. The idea is that the new function will make multitasking easier.

Next in line are various improvements to the search function Spotlight. For example, you can now find images in your image library or search for text inside images.

Furthermore, we are offered a wide range of improvements in the included programs. Among other things, you can look forward to better search function in Mail. In addition, you can now undo a sent email, at least for a while. You can also schedule emails to be sent later.

Safari is not only faster than ever but also more secure. Using Passkeys you should not enter passwords and passwords as closely as possible, at least as long as you have activated Touch ID or Face ID. The new feature works not only with apps, but also with sites.

Furthermore, we saw various improvements of Continuity and Handoff, including the ability to use an Iphone as a webcam for your Mac. If you want to keep your mobile in place, you can get a special holder from Belkin.

Mac OS Ventura

Apple also took the opportunity to strike a blow to use our Macs for gaming. Among other things, the new framework was highlighted Metal 3 and that both No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil Village will be released for the platform.

The sharp version of Mac OS 13 will be released this fall.

The news is continuously updated …

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