Here is a new list of products recalled by a hazardous substance. Don’t eat that!

Huge batches of food were withdrawn from sale in stores all over Poland. In recent days, GIS has informed about further withdrawn products. The most common reason for withdrawing products from sale was the presence of a substance hazardous to health. Be sure to see and it’s best to throw away these products or return them to the store!

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There is no week in which the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate would not inform about other products in which irregularities were found.

We present a new list of products that have been withdrawn from sale by the decision of GIS. These products should not be eaten, it is best to throw them out of the refrigerator or return them to the appropriate store.

Food batches were withdrawn from sale in stores all over Poland. Items removed from stores are not suitable for eating. They must be disposed of because they can be very harmful.

We’ve gathered up-to-date GIS alerts in one place. Chief Sanitary Inspector issued new urgent decisions to withdraw food from stores. The reason for many recall decisions is the presence of ethylene oxide (ETO) in concentrations that do not comply with European Union standards.



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