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Governor-Deputy Governor of West Sumatra (Boast) bought a new official car in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic which is still worrying. The chairman of the West Sumatra Gerindra Party DPD Andre Rosiade assessed that the West Sumatran leader lacked empathy and sense of crisis.

“People are suffering. The pandemic is destroying the people’s economic resources. But the leaders are rushing to buy new official cars. This is not the right name,” Andre told reporters, Tuesday (17/8/2021).

According to Andre, the reason that a new official car has been budgeted for in the APBD is something that cannot be accepted. “If you have empathy, have sense of crisis, the budget can be diverted to things that are far more useful and beneficial to the community. To restore the economy of the people affected by COVID,” he said.

The member of the Indonesian House of Representatives highlighted several steps to deal with COVID-19 which were stopped during the time when Mahyeldi led West Sumatra.

“Back in the days of Irwan Prayitno-Nasrul Abit as Governor-Deputy Governor, there was a PCR-swab free at the airport. But, since Mahyeldi took the lead, it’s no longer there. In the past, Labor Unand also received sufficient budget supplies to carry out COVID sample examinations in the era of the former leadership, but now that is no longer available. We are happy that the handling of COVID in the previous period was carried out optimally. But in the current governor’s period, the handling is no longer like that, so cases have skyrocketed again,” he said.

“How can we expect the handling of COVID to be serious at this rate. His vision and mission before becoming governor would be to deal with COVID. But now what? The governor bought a new official car that cost billions of rupiah during a pandemic like this. In the past, the reason was that he couldn’t block PPKM or support its establishment. post because there is no budget. But now we can get a new car,” added Andre.

The Daily Chairman of DPPN Ikatan Keluarga Minang (IKM) also did not stop thinking about the reasons given Governor of West Sumatra if the procurement of a new official car is caused by the old official car being damaged and the brakes fail.

“You just need to take it to the workshop, that’s fine. If you don’t know the workshop, let me show, “he said again.

Monitoring detik.comThe two new official cars are the Mitsubishi Pajero used by Governor Mahyeldi and the Hyundai Palisade for Deputy Governor Audy Joinaldy. Asked by reporters, Mahyeldi admitted that he did not know the type of vehicle he was using. “Pajero, sir? What is that car? Just check it. The important thing is that I (the price) is below. The budget is Rp. 1.4 billion, but I am even cheaper,” said Mahyeldi.

According to Mahyeldi, the budget for the procurement of new official cars is because the old cars can no longer be used.

“Old car ndak fix. The brakes fail and all that. The old one has had transmission problems several times, even though we have serviced it, so it’s not safety. I think the car I used was allocated RP 1.4 billion if I’m not mistaken. We bought the one below that. The head of the service also uses a (new) car,” he said.

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