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Mobile Legends currently is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) type game that is popular on smartphone devices, both Android and iOS. The popularity of this game cannot be separated from the characters in it.

Please note, to play you can start by selecting one of the heroes from the list provided by the system. Even so, not all heroes can be played immediately. You can choose one from the list of heroes given / loaned (trial) by the system. In addition, you can also buy heroes using diamonds by doing Top Up ML.

Hero Mobile Legends Appointed from a Legendary Figure

Apart from the ease of playing, there is no denying the popularity of the game Mobile Legends also achieved because Moonton as the developer often releases cool heroes. Not only has extraordinary skills, Moonton often releases heroes with a background of legendary figures circulating in the community.

Well, here are some of the heroes in the game Mobile Legends based on a famous legend!

  1. Kadita

Kadita is a mage-type hero who uses the power of the waves to attack his enemies. The news of the emergence of this one hero indeed became a hot topic of conversation among the players Mobile Legends in the homeland.

Because Kadita is a hero character inspired by the legendary figure of the ruler of the south coast who is quite famous and feared by the Indonesian people, namely Nyi Roro Kidul. The release of Kadita as one of the heroes in the game Mobile Legends is a pretty good strategy. Given that this MOBA game is indeed very popular with players in Indonesia.

  1. Chou

The next hero who is also lifted from a famous legend is Chou. Chou is a hero character inspired by the film player and martial arts expert Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee. His arrogant fighting style and groaning sound when beating enemies can indeed cure the longing of fans for the kung fu legend in the 80s.

Chou himself is a fighter-type hero who has high difficulty when played. Even so, he is one of the heroes who is quite feared by the players because of his deadly attack.

  1. Sun

Who doesn’t know the character Sun Go Kong. This legend of Chinese society that is popular around the world has also become an inspiration for game developers Mobile Legends in creating the Sun character. Sun Go Kong himself is an important figure in the legend of “Journey to the West”.

Sun is an ape stealth who is famous for his unique ability to duplicate himself. Sun himself is a fighter type hero who is often avoided by his opponents in the game. In addition to being able to multiply, he can also provide repeated deadly attacks with his magic wand.

  1. Gatot Kaca

Gatot Kaca is another legend from Indonesia who is also appointed as the hero character of the game Mobile Legends. Gatot Kaca itself was released long before the release of Kadita. Gatot Kaca is a tank type hero who has great strength to withstand enemy attacks.

He himself is one of the puppet characters from the Mahabaratha story who is quite famous in the country. His figure is described as a person who has tremendous power and has the ability to fly. The Indonesian people themselves know the figure of Gatot Kaca with the nickname ‘iron bone wire muscle’.

  1. Minsitthar

Moved to Myanmar, namely during the Pagan Dynasty around the year 1084 to 1112 BC. There is a legendary figure of Kyansittha, a charismatic king who has strong fighting skills and dignity while on the battlefield.

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The figure of the great king who later became the inspiration for developer Moonton to give birth to a hero character named Minsitthar. He is a fighter-type hero with a spear weapon that can attract his opponent within a certain distance. His ability to create a chaotic atmosphere with his magic can indeed be troublesome for his opponents when competing.

  1. Lapu-Lapu

Kali Pulako is another name for a fighter-type hero, Lapu-lapu. He is one of the characters from Mobile Legends which was inspired by the figure of a chief from the island of Mactan in the Philippines from 1491 to 1542. Lapu-lapu himself is known as a national hero of the Philippines.

His figure is known as a person who opposed the Spanish invasion. His courage in fighting against the invaders made his name quite respected. In the game itself, Lapu-lapu is a hero who is difficult to overthrow. He can even fight many enemies alone.

  1. Zilong

Zilong is a fighter-type hero armed with a spear. He is one of the first generation heroes to appear in the game. His extraordinary fighting ability has made this hero quite feared since it was first released. Zilong himself is a hero character inspired by the figure of the hero from mainland China, Zhao Yun.

Zhao Yun was a brave general who lived during the reign of the late Han Dynasty and the early Three Kingdoms era. He is a famous legend who is part of the Five Tiger Generals under Liu Bei’s command. In his own country Zhao Yun is known as a hero.

  1. Yi Shun Shin

Yi Sun Shin is a marksman type hero inspired by the legend of South Korean heroism. Yi Sun Shin himself was a military figure and Korean national hero during the Joseon Dynasty.

The appointment of Yu Sun Shin as one of the heroes in the game is quite reasonable. Given that he himself was an important figure who was instrumental in repelling the Japanese invasion in the Seven Years War.

Yi Sun Shin himself is famous for his iron-clad turtle-shaped war boat. That special feature is what Moonton picked up in the game.

  1. Lancelot

The legend that was raised into the hero character Mobile Legends next came from the British Empire. Lancelot is an assassin type hero who has attack speed against enemies. With a sword in his hand, Lancelot becomes the most dangerous assassin in the game.

Lancelot itself is a character inspired by a nobleman named Sir Lancelot du Lac. He is a knight of the Round Table in Arthurian legend. Lancelot himself is described as the best friend and warrior of King Arthur.

  1. Badang

Moonton’s strategy to attract the attention of the world community on this one game is indeed quite successful. One of them is by lifting legendary figures from various countries to become characters in the game. One other legend that became the inspiration is Datok Si Badang.

Badang is a fighter type hero from a Malay country in the 13th century. He himself is known as one of the legendary figures of the community who has extraordinary powers. In the game he is feared because of his sudden fist attack. That attack is also his strength in paralyzing opponents. This is often anticipated by every player.

Hero Mobile Legends Beautiful with Cool Skill

Not only presenting heroes with backgrounds from legendary figures, Mobile Legends known to often release heroes in the form of beautiful women as a form of fan service to players. Even though they have a beautiful appearance, these female heroes cannot be underestimated. The reason is, they are still equipped with cool skills that can help you win the match.

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Here are some beautiful female heroes with cool skills Mobile Legends!

  1. Hanabi

Talking about the beautiful female hero in Mobile Legends. Hanabi is certainly one of them. He is a formidable ninja from the Scarlet Shadow clan. Hanabi herself is a Marksman-type hero with the secret weapon she carries, namely Haganbana.

Hanabi is a childhood rival, Hayabusa. He himself started to like Hayabusa when he was defeated by his friend. He also felt jealous when he saw Hayabusa and Kagura smiling and laughing at each other.

Because of his great ambition to become the greatest ninja. He also returned to challenge his childhood rival to find and defeat Shadow who had betrayed their previous clan.

  1. Rafaela

The beautiful heroine with the next cool skill is Rafaela, a winged goddess who likes to help. Rafaela is a Support-type hero who comes from a heavenly country at Celestial Palace. Rafaela himself is known for his extraordinary healing powers.

While on the battlefield, he will give additional strength to his comrades. Apart from that it is also able to heal wounds on its own. Because of the tremendous power he has. Rafaela is also one of the heroes who is very difficult to kill by the enemy.

  1. Fanny

The next beautiful female hero on the list is Fanny. She is an ordinary woman who doesn’t have any strength. Even so thanks to his ability to fight against enemies. Fanny is also known as an assassin who can scare enemies.

He himself is armed with twin swords which are quite deadly, as well as a machine that can throw steel ropes so that he can jump from one wall to another. Because of his expertise in action in the air. He is also known as the ‘Blade of Freedom’ or ‘Sword of Freedom’.

  1. Odette

Who doesn’t know the swan princess with a charming smile, Odette? The beautiful hero that is quite feared by these players is a Mage type hero who uses a magic wand when fighting his enemies.

Odette herself is the 13th generation of Swan Castle. She is a lonely princess who finally falls in love with a tough assassin, Lancelot. The two of them met on the shore of a lake not far from his palace.

Even though Odette carries a sword in action. But he himself uses more of his magic wand to attack. With the unique power of his wand, Odette is able to knock out many enemies at once.

  1. Carmilla

Besides having a beautiful face, Carmilla is also a noble daughter who is quite respected at Castle Aberleen. He himself has a dark love story with Cecilion, a devil-blooded opera singer.

After Carmilla ended her life because her love for Cecilion was opposed by her father. In the end, Carmilla was resurrected by Cecilion as a new creature with great power. Carmilla itself is a Support type hero who is difficult to overthrow.

Besides having the ability to fly. He and Cecilion are also a combo pair capable of devastating enemies.

That’s all about the hero in the game Mobile Legends. Hopefully this information can help you in playing Mobile Legends yes!

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