here are the women with whom he had a romantic relationship before Chioma Rowland (photos)

Nigerian music superstar Davido, whose real name David Adeleke had several romantic relationships before Chioma, his current fiancée. Indeed, the star attended several women from different countries before deciding to stabilize with Chioma Rowland. Here are some of these women.

Nish kards

Nish Kards is a Ghanaian model born on September 13, 1981. Nish is often called the Kim Kardashian of Ghana. She dated Davido years ago, but the reason for their separation remains unknown.

Sophie Momodu

Davido had his first child with Sophie Momudu. Their relationship has been hampered by many problems. The singer was once an irresponsible mother and smoked weed. This would have made their daughter Imade Adeleke sick and when her blood sample was taken at the hospital, this substance was found in her blood. Davido’s family took the child away from him and tried to take him out of the country to Dubai.

Sira Kante

Sira Kante is a Guinean model based in the United States who was dating Davido for a brief time in late 2014. They separated in 2015, the same year in which Imade Adeleke was born.


Amanda is the second woman who has had a child with Davido. The two met during Davido’s tour of America. The singer had wanted this relationship to remain private but unfortunately for him, Amanda became pregnant. She gave Davido a pretty little girl named Hailey Veronica Adeleke.

Staicay Brianar

The Kenyan model had an affair with the Nigerian superstar during one of his visits to Kenya for a mega concert.

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For me Aboderin

Funmi Aboderin had a temporary romance with Davido in 2013. The singer revealed him to the public after making a tweet with a photo of her and her friends. Unfortunately, their relationship did not last. Neither Davido nor Funmi spoke of their relationship or the cause of their breakup.

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