Here are the funniest men according to the zodiac. Do you know them?

The ability to “snatch a smile” from our fellow men has always been considered an enormous value, which in many cases goes beyond the mere superficial “pleasure”. A person able to joke at the right time even in the function of defusing is in fact considered as a “Panacea” for all ills, even if like every positive trait it must be “adjusted” according to the situation. In particular, among men the nicest ones are almost always also the most playful, and they are those who in the right measure also get more success in the sentimental field. But who are the most playful men according to him zodiac?

Here are the funniest men according to the zodiac. Do you know them?


It is undoubtedly “elevated” even among the funniest signs, because it is able to “never force your hand” in the face of decidedly complicated situations. The best gift of him is that which allows you to play down even if at times it is a bit inappropriate, but always genuine.


Pisces is sensitive but also gifted with great humorous intelligence. He makes extensive use of sarcasm but is never offensive or “heavy” even when he makes fun of someone. He does not like banal jokes but is always devoted to joke.


He is a man who laughs little but who manages to snatch a smile almost from everyone, even for a certain “multipurpose” connotation. He does not use a “slogan” to make people laugh and does not consider himself a clown but he has a great spirit of observation which is the basis of his playful nature.

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