Here are the cheapest new, used and electric cars in Europe in 2022

The prices of new, used and electric cars reached record levels in 2021. In 2022, many manufacturers and retailers are still playing catch-up. Problems with the supply and demand of motor vehicles have made it difficult to buy a car at an affordable price. The prices below reflect the current approximate average prices of the most affordable cars in Europe.

The cheapest new cars in Europe in 2022

Dacia Sandero – from € 10,000 to € 14,000

It will be difficult to find a cheaper and more reliable new car from Dacia Sandero. Sandero is a spacious four-door hatchback. Although technically a compact vehicle it is quite spacious.

The reason Dacia can make this car so cheap is that it is made from mostly recycled parts. Don’t let the fact that much of the car is recycled deter you. Dacia Sander is actually one of the most reliable cars in its class.

Sales of new cars in Europe are falling for the ninth consecutive month, in our country there is a high growth

In March in the European Union they decreased by another 20.5%

Keep in mind that if you want the lowest possible price of the car, there will be many features that you can consider standard. Electric rear windows and air conditioning, cruise control and other interior features are not included in the base price.

If you want these upgrades, you should expect to pay for them. Even if you add a few custom upgrades, it will still be a challenge to find a cheaper new car in Europe.

Dacia Jogger – from 14,990 euros

If you are looking for a very cheap car, but you need a little more space you should look at the Dacia Jogger. It is a 7-seater sedan.

And Jogger uses recycled parts like the Sandero and, like him, is very reliable. However, the Jogger has significantly more space than the Sandero.

Dacia Jogger

Dacia Jogger

It has a longer trunk with third row seats that are removable, which ensures a very spacious trunk. The car is raised a little higher through a slightly higher roof. It is not the size of an SUV, but it has a great place for its price.

Toyota Aygo – from 17,000 euros

Aygo is Toyota’s version of a fun little European city car. It is compact, which is important for European streets and car parks. The car is relatively small, so be sure to test it to make sure it is comfortable.

Toyota Aygo

Source: iStock by Getty Images

Toyota Aygo

Toyota as a brand is known as very reliable. They are also known to have cheap spare parts. This allows most of their cars to last a long time and cost little to maintain. According to experts, Aygo is also great for gas, which will have a good effect on your wallet in the long run, notes Russian Vagabond.

Kia Picanto – from 17,990 euros

The Kia Picanto is another excellent compact car for European driving. It can maneuver even in tight spaces. It is also equipped with a touch infotainment system that can be synchronized with your favorite media players and applications.

Kia Picanto

Source: iStock by Getty Images

Kia Picanto

Although the Kia Picanto is compact, it has many storage options. There is a luggage board on two levels and a separate folding seat at the back to maximize storage capacity. However, this is not a good car for a taller person.

Hyundai i10 – from 17,995 euros

Hyundai i10 is proud of its safety. In this respect, it receives excellent marks in most safety tests. It is also equipped with several safety features, including a high beam assistant (HBA).

Hyundai i10

Source: iStock by Getty Images

Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10 is also very attractive to technology-savvy buyers. With its Bluelink technology, you can control your i10 via your smartphone or even your voice. The car has the most modern built-in navigation system. Although the price is definitely a bit higher than Dacia models, you certainly get significantly more in terms of luxury and comfort.

The cheapest used cars in Europe in 2022

The price of a used car depends on many factors. Age, the way it was maintained, and the average resale price are extremely important. However, there are several brands and models of cars that are a popular choice for those who want to buy an economical but reliable used vehicle.

Volkswagen Golf – from € 4,000 to € 20,000

Europe's largest carmaker shrinks production by 13% in 2021

Europe’s largest carmaker shrinks production by 13% in 2021

Slovakia was among the leaders in the production of cars

Volkswagen Golf is the most popular car on European roads. This means that there is always a huge inventory of used Golfs for sale. Since there are many similar cars on sale, you can usually choose the exact type of Golf used (ie mileage, features added, model year, etc.) to get exactly the car you want.

Volkswagen Golf

Source: Volkswagen/Edit by

Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golfs are relatively cheap to repair, especially in Europe. They also have a solid construction that allows the frame and body to withstand the test of time. In addition, the design of the hatchback is timeless and effective.

Skoda Octavia – from € 4,000 to € 15,000

Skoda Octavia is another decent used car option for those looking for a cheap used car in Europe. The Octavia has a larger body than the Volkswagen Golf. Skoda Octavia are often one of the most popular, sold as new brands of cars and you can often grab one at a reasonable price.

Skoda Octavia


Skoda Octavia

They are also partly manufactured by Volkswagen, so they are relatively cheap and easy to repair.

Cheapest electric cars in Europe for 2022

Dacia Spring – from € 17,890

Dacia Spring is the latest in the Dacia line. These cars have hit the market in the last year and are likely to continue to be extremely popular with rising gasoline prices.

Dacia Spring

Dacia Spring

Although it is currently difficult to get them, if you are lucky enough, their price can reach 12,500 euros after you earn from government incentives to buy such cars. In addition to the fantastic price, they also have a decent mileage, an average of about 230 km per charge.

e.GO Mobile – from €18,0

e.GO Mobile is a small electric car company based in Germany that is gaining momentum thanks to its stylish car brand and low price. Although it may be difficult for e.GO to compete with Dacia Spring, there is much to be said for this cheap electric car.

e.GO Mobile

e.GO Mobile

However, due to COVID-19, the new company had to stop production. It is known that the limited number of cars the company has produced is both durable and reliable. With finding new investors, there will certainly be many more e.GOs on European streets soon.

VW e-UP! – from € 21,424

Volkswagen e-UP caused a great sensation in Europe. Its low price makes it a very affordable option from the favorite car manufacturer in Europe. VW e-UP! It has a usable 32.2kWH battery. It has a real mileage of 205 km in cold weather and up to 320 km in mild weather.


Source: iStock by Getty Images


The car has a top speed of 130 km / h, which makes it possible to drive on any major busy road. This is a compact car, but still has a surprising amount of usable space in the trunk.

Hertz, a car rental company, will buy 65,000 electric vehicles from Polestar

Hertz, a car rental company, will buy 65,000 electric cars from Tesla’s European competitor

Last year, Polestar sold 29,000 cars

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