Here are the 10 most followed athletes on Instagram

Social networks are now integrated tools in the careers of athletes. Managing their image allows them to increase their income by publishing partnerships in particular. Here are the top 10 most followed athletes on Instagram.

The site Edigitalagency has listed the accounts that have the most followers, in 2021, on the social network which now belongs to Facebook.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic : 48.5 million de followers

Now an AC Milan player, the 39-year-old Swede almost made the comeback of the year before his Euro participation was canceled due to injury. Zlatan fascinates as much on the field as off, especially by his statements.

Kylian Mbappé : 54.4 millions de followers

The star of world football. The striker of PSG and the Blues continues to gain stature and the popularity of the player of only 22 years old continues to climb. Kylian Mbappé is at a turning point in his career. He has one year left of his contract with PSG and a departure, in the more or less distant future, in particular at Réal Madrid, could further boost his number of followers.

Ronaldinho : 56.6 millions of followers

Like the previous two, the Brazilian donned the tunic of PSG. Now retired, “Ronnie” (41) uses social networks to share with his many fans his travels or his multiple partnerships with major brands, especially sports such as Nike.

David Beckham : 67.4 millions de followers

And a fourth player who wore the PSG jersey! The 46-year-old Spice Boy has many collaborations with the biggest brands. He is one of the pioneers of athletes who understood the importance of the image in a sports career, in particular to increase his income.

LeBron James : 91.6 millions de followers

The Los Angeles Lakers player is simply the most representative of the NBA world. Very active in the field, but also on the issue of civil rights and education in the United States, “King James” is a superstar.

Virat Kohli : 137 millions de followers

His name may not speak to everyone, surely because of a moderate attraction in France for the locust, but the Indian Virat Kohli is perceived by many in this world as a living god of his discipline.

With a community of fans that number in the millions around the world, the 32-year-old works with the biggest brands.

Neymar : 155 millions of followers

And five for the PSG which places its Brazilian at the foot of the podium. The player manages both his image and his partnerships on his social networks. The Auriverde and its team use this means in particular to communicate, whether on a sporting or personal level.

Lionel Messi : 233 millions de followers

Just crowned with his first and coveted trophy with Argentina, La Pulga is seen by many as the best player in football history. On Instagram, he just broke Cristiano Ronaldo’s record by posting a photo with the Copa America. The snapshot has exceeded 20 million likes.

The Rock : 254 millions de followers

His real name Dayne Johnson (49), the former American football player and especially wrestler is a world star. Its notoriety made a good deal of seriousness with its entry into the world of cinema. “The Rock” uses his social networks to laugh with his fans but also to share positive speeches, especially on physical exertion.

Cristiano Ronaldo : 315 millions de followers

The 36-year-old Portuguese became the first to surpass the 300 million follower mark on Instagram.

A true master of social networks, the Juventus Turin striker shares many photos with his family but also publications to highlight his partnerships.


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