here are plans B and C which are ready in the event of a sudden increase in the number of contamination due to variants

The new variants of the coronavirus which are gradually spreading within the Belgian population worry experts and authorities. If this is not reflected in the figures for the moment, the health situation of our country, which is currently doing well compared to its neighbors, could quickly deteriorate.

This is why our political leaders plan to bring forward the Consultation Committee scheduled for January 22 in order to consider new measures. This morning, the Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden has already announced that the measures for travelers entering Belgium by plane or boat, from non-EU and non-Schengen countries, are now extended to those who travel by bus or train.

Plans B and C

Last week, GEMS experts have already met to put in place plans B and C in the event of a deterioration of the epidemiological situation. They also presented them to politicians during the Concertation Committee on January 8.

According to the group of experts, which includes Erika Vlieghe, Marc Van Ranst and Pierre Van Damme, the first measure to be taken would be the closure of non-essential stores. A standardization of the curfew (at 10 p.m., therefore) and an extension of the Carnival holidays would also be options. Just like an obligation to wear a mask from 10 years old. This is plan B.

According to Newspaper, which relays the information, plan C would be total containment, as in March. However, we are still far from all of this. But everything could accelerate if the number of cases increases rapidly in the coming days.



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