Here are 7 tips for natural remedies for cat fungus, complete how to use them

URBAN BEKASI – Here recommendation 7 natural medicine of mushrooms for cat and complete with how to use it.

This natural fungus remedy is powerful enough to eliminate fungus on the skin catsafe and easily obtainable.

Cats can easily and quickly contract diseases, especially fungi, one of which is through air, food or contact with cat other.

This fungal disease causes an unusually itchy sensation on the skin, hair, or nails cat so that it can cause injury if scratched frequently.

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If not treated immediately, the fungal disease can spread throughout the body cat.

Not just on cat a fungal disease appears, but a type of fungus called Microsporum Canis can also be transmitted to humans. Very scary, right?

Therefore, before the fungal disease gets worse, you can use natural medicine of mushrooms at home to get rid of mold cat insecurity.

As an option, natural fungal remedies can effectively treat fungal infections cat.

In addition to being safe to use, the ingredients natural medicine of mushrooms This is easy to achieve, so you can immediately provide first aid cat who have a fungal infection.

As reported on from the Tokopedia website, the following will be explained: recommendation 7 remedies for fungi cat natural, complete how to use it.

1. Apple cider vinegar

The first natural remedy for mushrooms, namely apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is well known as a natural ingredient that nourishes the skin and also treats fungi on the skin cat.

Apple cider vinegar also neutralizes the pH of the skin on the skin cat so that the growth of fungal infections can subside.

The trick, you can slowly apply 2 to 3 drops of apple cider vinegar to the skin area cat infected several times a day.

2. Papaya

The next natural mushroom remedy is papaya fruit extract and papaya leaves.

Both are one of the natural ingredients that can remove mold on the skin cat.

Both ingredients are also rich in vitamin C which is able to treat and prevent various types of skin infections.

The trick, you can apply papaya fruits or papaya leaves that have been crushed to the skin cat infected with fungi.

3. Olive oil

Natural remedies of olive oil are the main ingredients of many skin care products, the benefits of olive oil for the skin are not to be doubted.

Olive oil is also safe and can be consumed or applied directly to the skin cat to remove the fungus.

Makeup, you can apply it on the skin cat several times a day until it becomes moldy cat Optimize.

4. Coconut oil

You must have often heard about the benefits of coconut oil or virgin coconut oil (VCO).

In addition to being able to treat fungi catCoconut oil can also improve hair and skin health cat.

The trick, you can give 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or apply it directly as a moisturizer on the skin cat every day until the fungal disease disappears.

5. Potatoes

The next natural mushroom remedy to cure fungi cat it’s a potato.

Potatoes contain water, it can be in the form of juice which contains vitamin C, this is good for treating fungal infections on the skin cat.

The way to get the juice, you can peel the potatoes, then make a hole and fill them with salt.

Then, place the potatoes on a plate and wait for the juices to come out.

You can then apply the juice to the area affected by the fungus on the skin cat.

6. Turmeric

How natural medicine of mushrooms alternatively, you can also use turmeric to treat fungus on the skin cat.

Turmeric has antibacterial properties so it can prevent fungal growth on the skin cat.

Make up, blend the turmeric and then apply it to the skin cat which is moldy every day for maximum results.

You can also shave cat on the fungus-affected area first to prevent turmeric yellow spots.

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7. Sulfur

The next natural mushroom remedy to get rid of mushrooms cat is to use sulfur.

The trick is to simply dissolve the sulfur or sulfur powder at a concentration of 0.5% to 5% with water until it is well mixed.

Then, apply it to the fungus-infected area on the skin cat.

Then, leave the mixture on the skin cat let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with water until clean.

So, an explanation of some natural medicine of mushrooms which can treat and eliminate fungi catcomplete with how to use it.

You can prevent mold growth cat with regular baths cat and keep the environment clean. It can be useful. ***

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