Here are 2 possible permanent damage to health by taking more than 3 coffees a day

What will we Italians do without a daily dose of coffee? Surely the discovery of America has given us one of the absolute drinks that have changed our lives. Not for nothing when we are abroad, we Italians mainly go in search of two things: pasta and coffee. To find them similar to ours we must necessarily enter a place run by compatriots at least. But be careful that just like with pasta, abusing coffee is also bad. Here are 2 possible permanent damage to health by taking more than 3 coffees a day, and no one tells us.

There are at least 3 for almost everyone

According to market surveys, which never as in this case reflect the real trend, an adult Italian drinks at least three coffees a day: at breakfast, after lunch and at the end of dinner. But the vast majority put at least a couple more on their mid-day breaks. Without considering all those who have the opportunity to constantly draw from the company coffee machine. Everyone knows that if we drink too much coffee, the minimum risk is to raise the threshold of nervousness and excitement, but also promote dehydration. But beware of even greater risks.

Here are 2 possible permanent damage to health by taking more than 3 coffees a day

The first real damage to our body, if we take too much coffee in a day, is to cause gastritis and intestinal disorders. Beware that it doesn’t take too long for this to happen. In fact, a massive dose of coffee continually stimulates gastric enzymes. It is the downside when we say that coffee is digestive and increases metabolism.

Unexplained tachycardia and nervousness

We often hear that coffee makes you nervous. Behind what could be a simple joke, on the other hand, lies one of the contraindications of coffee. In fact, the stimulating effect of caffeine in the long run can overstress the functions of the heart and nervous system. Which can also lead to hypertension, tachycardia and severe seizures insomnia. So even the doctors in the end agree that we should not exceed 3 cups of coffee a day. Provided, however, that you do not suffer from gastric reflux and intestinal problems.


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