Herbal Supplements Can Help Maintain Body Endurance


JAKARTA – Each individual has an important role in fighting pandemic Covid-19 One way to do this is to maintain health and endurance to avoid viral infections.

Maintaining health or protecting the body from Covid-19 attacks can be done starting from small things such as frequently washing hands, using masks, and keeping a distance from other individuals.

In addition to these things, maintaining health can also be done by adopting a healthy lifestyle and pattern, as well as consuming additional vitamins and minerals herbal products . Vitamin-mineral supplements or herbal products have a significant effect on the immune system during the pandemic.

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Herbalist and Chairperson of PDPOTJI (Association of Indonesian Traditional Medicine and Herbal Medicine Developers), Doctor Inggrid Tania said, Thyponisix is ​​a health product that contains herbal extracts of rat taro rhizome and soursop leaves which are efficacious for maintaining a healthy body.

“The rat taro rhizome extract and soursop leaves are able to maintain endurance, maintain health, and also help the body recover,” said dr. Ingrid in her press statement, Wednesday (15/9/2021).

In Indonesia, rat taro or Typhonium flagelliforme is one type of plant that is often used as a traditional herb. Soursop leaves are now also quite popularly used as herbs among the community, in addition to the fruit which has many benefits. Because of their content, rat taro and soursop leaves are believed to protect the body from the risk of disease.

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“The rat taro extract contains alkaloids, triterpenoids, and flavonoids; in addition to being antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anticancer; it is also an immunomodulator that can regulate the body’s immunity by modulating the immune system response as shown by the results of preclinical research,” said dr. . Ingrid.

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