Herbal Medicines for Diabetes, Natural Ingredients to Prevent Complications

Types of herbal remedies for diabetes. Photo: Ist/Net

Herbal medicine for diabetes can be an option to prevent the condition from getting worse. In addition to being able to relieve, this natural method is also useful for dealing with rising blood sugar levels and preventing complications.

Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common diseases in Indonesia. This well-known disease occurs because of high blood sugar levels in the body.

This condition can cause performance problems in your organs. This disease is also known as diabetes or diabetes.

If someone is exposed to this disease will be able to easily cause complications in the sufferer. Diabetes can attack all walks of life, so we need to be aware of it.

To relieve high blood sugar levels in the body, there are many things you need to pay attention to. Starting from controlling your nutrition and food intake, to exercise.

Types of Herbal Medicines for Diabetes

Prevention is better than cure. You can use natural herbal ingredients to treat this disease. Even this herb can also prevent or relieve attacks of diabetes.

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For those of you who are curious about what are the effective ways to overcome diabetes with drugs and herbal ingredients, here are some types of herbal remedies for diabetes that are effective and good for you to use.


How to relieve diabetes can be by using turmeric. This herbal medicinal herb is good for lowering blood sugar levels and helping increase your body’s metabolism.

Turmeric rhizome is one of the right choices for those of you who suffer from diabetes. Moreover, the way to make this concoction is also easy. Just boil water with a mixture of turmeric and salt until it boils.

After that, you can filter it and wait a bit to cool. Then you just have to consume the potion until it runs out. Do this regularly to get optimal results.

Noni Fruit

The next herbal remedy for diabetes is to use noni fruit. This one fruit is good and useful for lowering and stabilizing your blood sugar.

How to make this herbal concoction is also easy. Prepare the noni fruit as much as 1 fruit, then blender until smooth, and mix with warm water.

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After that, you can filter it, and drink this noni juice regularly 2 times a day, until the blood sugar in the body decreases.


This one plant also includes herbal medicine for diabetes that is efficacious. This natural herbal ingredient is rich with abundant nutrients and properties.

Including one of them to help overcome diabetes. This is because the nutrients in ginseng are very high, so it is very good at lowering blood sugar levels in your body.

You can make a ginseng concoction by mixing it with water, and bringing it to a boil. Then consume this ginseng herb regularly.

String bean

You are of course very familiar with this type of vegetable. Beans are also an herbal remedy for diabetes that can be the right solution to treat your sugar levels.

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In beans there are nutrients and content that can lower blood sugar levels. How to make it very easy. Just boil the beans that we have cleaned until cooked.

Once cooked, then filter it first and allow it to become slightly warm. Only then drink boiled water beans regularly.

Pare fruit

Pare does have a bitter taste, but the properties that exist in this vegetable itself is very large. Mainly to help overcome diabetes naturally and easily we do.

Pare contains nutrients that can lower blood sugar levels. This compound is good for growing insulin in the pancreas. Of course useful for people with diabetes.

Well, those are some types of herbal remedies for diabetes that you can use. You can try to overcome diabetes with selected herbs. Moreover, making it is also easy with materials from around our home environment. (R11/HR-Online)

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