Hérault: a wild evening in Montarnaud and birthdays in the Lodévois interrupted by the gendarmes

When the barrier gestures are relaxed in the evening and on weekends, the authorized tighten the screw.

The beautiful days will not be long and comes the desire to breathe, to enjoy festive moments but above all to make up for the time lost due to the Covid. While the variant of the virus fear a news saturation of hospitals just like last March, some are starting to frankly defy health measures.

This Saturday, February 27, it was the pétanqueurs of the Beaux-Arts club who were called to order. They were celebrating on rue Beauséjour an anniversary for about forty people. They were invited to tease the jack and share several glasses of friendship. The police intervened to disperse the participants and ticket them.

Forty minutes in one night for not respecting the curfew in Montpellier

The DDSP 34 is working hard to dissuade the population from defying health regulations, so three control operations were put in place between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m. in Montpellier. Deployed for an hour on the side of the Robert-Schuman roundabout at La Paillade, the police checked 24 people but only one received a report of non-compliance with the curfew.

But around 9:30 p.m., on the Avenue de Toulouse side, during the road control operation which lasted an hour in the presence of the secretary general of the prefecture Thierry Laurent, 21 motorists were in violation of the curfew. Two of them were taken into custody for driving while intoxicated and for refusing to comply.

Finally, a CRS company currently reinforcing in Montpellier carried out mobile checks between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m. on sensitive areas of Gambetta, the Cité Gély and the Mosson. Out of 107 people checked, 27 reports were drawn up for non-compliance with the curfew and 28 for traffic offenses of all kinds.

Revelers intercepted at the meeting point of a wild party

The evening from Saturday to Sunday was also to be particularly lively on the side of Montarnaud, as a call to come together for a wild party in a private place was launched on social networks, the gendarmes of the Castelnau-le-Lez company alerted and positioned themselves on surveillance at the meeting point fixed by the organizers, a parking lot in the town, and intercepted around 9 p.m. revelers who were beginning to gather, in evening dress.

About a hundred participants were expected. About fifty people, young adults from surrounding municipalities, were fined for non-compliance with the curfew. An investigation has been opened to identify the origin of this call to defy the ban on festive gatherings in this period of health emergency.

Verbalized for having organized birthdays

In the Lodévois, the gendarmes also cracked down on residents who had decided to invite dozens of people to their homes to celebrate birthdays. In the afternoon of Saturday February 27 at Argelliers, some 35 people gathered to celebrate an anniversary with music, pétanque and alcohol, but without the mask and barrier gestures. The host will be summoned to the gendarmerie and fined for a meeting prohibited to more than six in a private place.

After 6 p.m., the soldiers intervened at Aniane et Aumelas, again for around twenty people gathered in private places to blow out candles, without respecting barrier gestures. Participants were fined for not wearing a mask and not respecting the curfew. The host will be summoned to a brigade for the organization of a gathering prohibited to more than six in a private place.

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