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In 2020, during the summer period in France, the young Amandine, aged 14, was found dead at her home in Montblanc (Hérault). The first findings revealed that his death was due to hunger. His mother and stepfather had been arrested. Emmanuelle, a friend from a boarding school, confides in the columns of Midi Libre …

“Happy” … “loving”

Emmanuelle and Amandine met in a boarding school in Montpellier. “We were together, in the same boarding school at the Françoise Combes school complex in Montpellier”, starts the student in Free noon. Amandine was in fifth and she in second. Emmanuelle remembers one “happy, loving little one” who “attracted everyone’s attention”. They then became friends.

Emmanuelle then confides that despite the zest for life that she let appear, her young friend often had the blues. And one day she told him about abuse. “She told me that she was deprived of food at home”, reveals the girl. “I was so sad”, and then they no longer mentioned “seriously” the subject.

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“I feel guilty…”

When she heard of her girlfriend’s death, Emmanuelle was in shock and thought she needed to talk. “I went to the police station (…) A few days later they heard me”, she said with a feeling of regret: “I blame myself for not having spoken sooner. I blame myself for not having insisted onAmandine for her to report her serious situation “.

After the arrest of the deceased’s mother and stepfather, Emmanuelle searched for her friend’s father. They met and at the beginning of August, both went to meditate at the tomb ofAmandine… A simple anonymous grave. The student launched a kitty on the net to help her flower the grave.

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