Business Hérault: a delivery man and his partner diverted Ikea...

Hérault: a delivery man and his partner diverted Ikea furniture to resell it


Even though the plan was simple, it took months of investigation by the police to trace a curious traffic in Ikea furniture. A couple from Montpellier (Hérault) was arrested Thursday and referred for an immediate appearance at the beginning of next week for breach of trust, concealment and the carrying of a prohibited weapon, according to Noon Free. On the pretext that they were damaged, the man, a delivery man, and his companion resold under the cloak of furniture on social networks.

The investigation began in December 2019 and the filing of a complaint after a manager of the Ikea store in Montpellier discovered that furniture sold by the brand, new and still packaged, was the subject of classified ads on the social network. Snapchat.

A hundred items in a box

Behind this traffic hid a delivery man working for an Ikea subcontractor already known to the police. Rather than delivering the furniture to the customers for whom it was intended, he claimed that the items had been damaged. Of course, this was not the case, and the furniture was then sold to individuals in Montpellier. As for the first customer who saw nothing coming, he ended up receiving the expected article after a complaint in good faith.

The couple finally recognized the facts in front of the investigators and a hundred articles were seized in a box that belonged to them. According to them, they would have made 10,000 euros in profits with their questionable delivery service. An injury assessment is still in progress on the Ikea side.


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