Herald Podcast | This was the crime of the Labor University of Zaragoza

Carmina Romero Ferrer was a 20-year-old girl from a small town in Cuenca. He had been at the Labor University of Zaragoza for three years and was studying internal, with a scholarship, the last administrative course.

On March 8, 1988, Carmina called a friend and met her in the city. There were just a few minutes until the clock struck 4 in the afternoon that Tuesday. At that moment, Carmina showed the license in the control booths and headed towards the road. The young woman missed the bus. Several students saw him go to the area where cars usually pass to hitchhike, but when they arrived, he was no longer there. They thought that he had already gotten into a vehicle, but what they did not imagine was that this was going to be the last time they saw Carmina.

The young woman never went to the appointment with her friend from Zaragoza, so she notified the Labor University that night. The Civil Guard was informed of her disappearance and a group of companions put up posters requesting information about her whereabouts. Carmina was a brunette, she was 1.60 meters tall, she did not usually distrust people and she had never hitchhiked alone. Her parents went to the Aragonese capital as soon as they found out that their daughter had disappeared. Two days later, they returned to their town, Villar del Humo, very concerned at not having news of their little girl.

Some students recognized José Luis Arias, 41, married and father of two children, as one of the people who regularly frequented the Labor University in search of young people to hitchhike. He was questioned twice by the police

What happened to Carmina Romero? Did you find your killer? Listen to the podcast and find out what happened.





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