Her spouse could not stand what he was observing, so he divorced her promptly !! You cannot visualize what happened among Aiten Amer and her sister Wafa and what induced her divorce !! (The full tale)

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The artist, Aiten Amer, has returned to the leading of the look for engines immediately after posting a video clip of her dancing to the tune of her song “The Men’s Snatch”, right after news of her divorce from the Director of Images unfold. Mohamed Ezz Al-Arab, and no a single has nonetheless acknowledged the primary motive for the divorce.

Previously, Aiten Amer answered the artist’s question, Amir Karara, on the Sahranin system, broadcast on channel Just one: “If anyone arrives to you and states your partner will marry you, you will do what.”

She pointed out that she was a lady who loves the dwelling, and sitting down alone, she talked about a odd predicament amongst her and Ezz, and stated: “He likes to sleep on the letter of the bed, which is why he said that the ‘man ought to rest on the letter for the reason that if there is a thief he has entered the household, even if he does it simply because he is in close proximity to the lavatory “.

The episode of Aiten Amer and her sister, Wafaa Amer, aroused a lot of reactions on social media, which noticed a distinct disagreement and wonderful criticism from Aiten Amer to her sister Wafaa, soon after conversing about marital infidelity.

Aiten criticized her more mature sister, Wafaa Amer, for mentioning marital infidelities, as Wafaa Amer experienced a distinct viewpoint than she said with Amr Adib in her Al-Hekaya system, as effectively as with Lamis Al-Hadidi in her A method. Final Word, wherever he stated which is not what Wafa not long ago mentioned. What Wafa experienced carried out, Ayten mentioned, experienced been a big slip-up She opens the doorway to marital infidelities and also offers husbands justification for cheating on their wives on the pretext that they didn’t treatment about their husbands.

In her criticism of her sister, Aiten, Aiten additional that (Wafa) enjoys her spouse far more than “important”, and consequently married lifestyle is sacred, even if he can make mistakes and need to be held accountable no make a difference how close and liked to him, simply because this is the cause of larger problems that can open the doors to justify the abuse of the husband in opposition to his wife.

Pursuing the announcement of the divorce, some conflicting reports emerged, like the truth that variations erupted amongst Aiten and her husband right after the episode was proven, where by she noticed that Wafa was not ashamed to convey her terrific regard. for her partner, compared with Aiten, and then the dispute involving them produced into a dispute in advance of the divorce transpired.

This novel was just a speculation, primarily due to the fact the divorce took position in silence and with out offering causes right until now formally.

It is value noting that the news of the separation of Aiten and her husband, Muhammad Ezz Al-Arab, coincided with Aiten Amer’s celebration of the accomplishment of her new track, “Tuta Fruta”, which she offered a handful of times back. , as a result of its formal social media accounts, which has realized significant viewing rates considering the fact that its start on the platforms, and is created and composed by Shadi Miglioratore.

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