Her Love Status Is Always a Spotlight, Nella Kharisma Caught Say ‘I Love You’ to Dorry Harsa, Officially Dating?

Instagram / nellaloverstrenggalek

Dory Harsa and Nella Kharisma

GridHot.ID – Swordsman Nella Kharisma with the former drummer of the late Didi Kempot, Dory Harsa, seemed to be more intimate.

Seen in Dory’s Insta Story Instagram, @doryharsa, they just went out with their friend, Ratih.

When she was about to arrive at Nella’s house, Dory asked whether she was happy to be taken for a walk or not.

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“Hey you (Nella), I’m already going straight back to Solo. Lilo?” asked Dory to Nella, quoted Friday (6/6/2020).

Lilo is a Javanese language that means sincere.

Without hesitation, Nella answered that she did not let Dory return to Solo.

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