“Her finger in front of her mouth…”, the chilling story of a seventy-year-old raped in hospital

Angry and still traumatized despite appearing determined, one of the seventy-year-old victims of the serial rapist raging in Nanterre, explained to her Parisian colleagues how the man managed to attack her while she was hospitalized after a bad fall, on the ground floor of one of the pavilions make up the Max-Fourestier hospital in Nanterre.

“Oh no! You won’t do this to me!”

It was around 9:30 am that this 78-year-old patient saw a man who was neither an assistant nor a visitor arrive in her hospital room in late July 2022. Hospitalized for two weeks, she shared her room with another patient whose bed is separated from his by a curtain. “I asked him what he wanted, he just put a finger in front of his mouth, as a sign of silence. I started to get very scared” the victim explained to our Parisian colleagues, explaining that the man then takes a look behind the curtain “as if it were choosing its prey” before leaning over the bed and violently pulling her legs towards him. “I kept repeating: Oh no! You won’t do this to me!” Nothing helps, the man rapes her and tries to return but it is without counting on the strength of his victim that she grabs his penis before twisting it. “I wanted there to be traces to be able to identify him” she explained.

Alerted by the cries of two patients, a nurse ends up arriving in the room, throwing herself on him. The man (…)

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