Her er Xbox Series X

Finally, the new Xbox consoles are here.

Or, at least on Dinside’s test bench. We are not allowed to say too much about the Xbox Series S | X, but we can at least share a bunch of pictures of the hardware and make an unbox video, which you can see at the top of the case.

Microsoft’s third console generation kicks off on November 10 with a power plug of a console.

The key words are 4K, 120 fps, 12 teraflop, beam tracking, HDMI 2.1, lightning fast SSD and maybe the end of load times.

The Xbox Series X looks like a traditional tower PC with a huge fan on top that shoots the hot air up and out. You can also place it horizontally, but it is clearly designed to be placed upright.

If you were wondering? The top does not have a green light as it may appear in photos and video. Instead, the inside of the grill is green, which gives the special effect.

The Xbox Series S is surprisingly small and actually smaller than both the Xbox One S and Xbox One X. The Series S builds on the design of the previous S, but now has a distinctive black grille on one side.

The new control is almost identical to the Xbox One control, but is slightly smaller and has a share button so you can easily record while playing. The handles and triggers also have a more textured surface, the d-pad is brand new and a USB-C connector is also in place.

We will be back with testing of both the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X in the coming weeks.

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