Hepatitis A Is Identified as the Main Cause of Liver Failure, Recognize the Symptoms and Prevention

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – Vaccine Medical Director GlaxoSmithKline Indonesia (GSK), dr. Deliana Permatasari explained that Hepatitis A is a highly contagious and usually short-term liver infection. Unlike hepatitis B and C which can become chronic, hepatitis A is acute.

Hepatitis ADeliana said it has been identified as the leading cause of fulminant liver failure in countries such as Korea, Argentina and Brazil.

“In countries with high endemicity, hepatitis A virus infection is usually found in poor sanitary and socioeconomic conditions. Infection usually occurs before a child is five years old, ‚ÄĚDeliana said in a press statement, Saturday (10/10/2020).

He, explained, Hepatitis A is caused by the hepatitis A virus. This virus can be found in the feces and blood of an infected person. Contact with this virus can occur in a variety of scenarios.

First, it can spread from direct and close contact with an infected individual. For example, when treating a patient who has hepatitis A.

“Hepatitis A is so contagious, even those infected with the hepatitis A virus can spread this virus before they feel the symptoms of hepatitis A,” Deliana said.

Second, infection through contaminated food or drink. Food contaminated with the hepatitis A virus can occur at any time, from the manufacturing stage to after the food is cooked. Contamination of food and drink is often encountered on a daily basis.


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